Hillary Clinton….true political persistence

Senator Clinton and I have very little agreement on any political view point, but I have to say, i’m getting a kick out of her persistence.  She is a fighter and whatever your political leanings you have to hand it to her, for just not giving up.  Its a great quality in a leader.  Someone who will push, and stand, and cast vision, and not lose heart no matter what.

I believe that if Obama was not the media darling that he is, and if the clintons didn’t have to reap what they have sown in the past, this election would be quite a different story to this point.  The tenacity that she has shown is truly what it takes to be a winner in the long run.  Just don’t ever give up.

Many have said, she is waisting money and time and creating conflict and division in the party by not giving up, but for whatever its worth, it has impressed me.  Enough to vote for her? No, probably not, but I would pick her over obama any day of the week.

Persistence, its a big deal.




8 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton….true political persistence

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  4. Dear David I agree with you. “She is a fighter and whatever your political leanings you have to hand it to her, for just not giving up.” However Senator Obama has made a powerful impact competing against world famous Bill and Hillary Clinton. My vote goes for Obama.

  5. I agree, persistence is a big deal. But too much of it is not good for a leader. Look at the leaders of Burma and the way they react towards foreign aid to the point of sacrificing their people. Well, Aristotle’s golden mean, I guess, should not always be set aside. So, while I respect Hillary’s continued persistence, I think she should always have an introspection and consider if she is still on the proper bounds. Otherwise, her over-persistence might sacrifice the interests of the greater good… at least the unity of her party.

  6. J. A. I agree that persistence for purely personal gain, or for negative ambition is harmful but I also don’t think she should set herself aside if she truly believes in what she is doing, and let a political opponent run over her, just because many think she should. I think the whole bunch should be more introspective, my comments are merely based on my observation of this campaign cycle, not on her political beliefs, or the overall benifit or harm to her party.

    As I said, we don’t agree. I just see so many people in the area of leadership who are to quick to give up, or quit.

    Make no mistake about it, taking Burma and many other places on the globe into consideration none of them will ever see justice outside of the pure unadulterated persistence of those who care.


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