Mission Accomplished

When you take a short term missions trip the goal is to come along side local churches in different nations to resource, strengthen, and help in whatever way you have ability to help.

What usually happens however is as much as you want to make a difference, the greatest difference made is in you.

You are inspired, gain perspective and most importantly build some life changing relationships.

We did what we came to do. Helped orphans, street kids, several local churches and trained pastors and leaders.

God did what he sent us to do. Used us to make a difference in the lives of many while awakening each of us to higher heights and deeper depths spiritually. 

Mission accomplished.

You can reach around the world

We have a saying at church of the harvest. Some go, some send, but all are called to be a part. Which part will you play? One way you could help is to attend our global reach experience. November 18, 2011, 7 pm at our Okc campus. This night will be filled with the culture, need and vision we have for each country. as well as highly entertaining and very moving.

You don’t want to miss it. Click here for tickets. http://www.harvestokc.com/global-reach/global-reach-experience/.

You can change the world by going or sending but we all need to do what we can to help those in need.

Latest update from Uganda

Downtown Uganda

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We have had a great time so far here in Uganda. The team went out and built today at the Watoto village. What an experience. It is so moving to know that building a classroom in a Watoto village can impact generations. I would like to say thanks to all of you who have been praying for us, and for those who contributed to the cause of Global Reach Africa financially. You have made it possible for us to fulfill the mandate God has given us to right wrongs where we can.

There are over 2.5 million orphans in Uganda, and partnering with Watoto is the best way we can do something about that. They are truly the real deal. They are reaching out now to South Africa and looking forward to the sudan in the near future. My world enlarges and dreams get bigger just being around these great people. They are the best kind of dreamers too. Unassuming, humble, and relentless. Let the devil do what he does, let the circumstances be what they may. We will use obstacles as opportunities and see the promise in the problem.

The team is doing so well. The chemistry on this team is so incredible. As I type this up, I can hear them upstairs playing cards together and laughing and enjoying life. Work hard, play hard, its the only way to be. God is so good.

Everyone is doing fine, feeling well, and can’t believe the trip is almost over. We are missing home and anxious to see everyone but God is doing some great things here.

Tomorrow we build some more, then dedicate the building, then thursday we get to visit the different villages, and those who have sponsored Watoto kids get to visit with their sponsored child.

If you are a part of harvest, let me encourage you, that you can change your world right at home right now. We are right in the middle of our summer server opportunities, and their is a mission field in your back yard through our major outreaches that go on all summer. Kids camp, Foster kids camp, and Youth America. Share your faith today, with your words, and with the expression of the Love of Jesus.

The Heart of a World Changer

Sochan, is a great young Pastor. His wife Esther and his two daughters are so precious and committed to the cause with him. Sochan has a great testimony, he was an orphan Himself, and has for years taken in orphans. I can’t tell you all the story but he has grown into a fine pastor who is over seeing 26 church plants at the moment, as well as several feeding centers responsible for feeding about 500 children a week.

He is a man of integrity, he does what he says he is going to do. He is a man of faith. When God speaks to him he steps out in faith and knows that God will come through. He is a great leader. Gathering partners to help him with his work, all the while creating ways to sustain the work he is doing. He and Esther not only have a heart for orphans, but for the Next generation in general. Every time I see him is surrounded by young people. His heart is to reach the next generation.

His feeding programs, consist of Teaching Bible, Teaching English, Feeding and care for the children. They are truly a shining light, and are without a doubt world changers. There is not a self promoting bone in his body. Everything he does is motivated by his desire to help these kids and build the kingdom of God. I am proud to work with him, and hope to be able to do even more as we work together in the future. Next year we will do a Next generation festival along with the other things we are doing.

If you are interested in helping them continue to help orphans, feed the hungry, and grow churches, please contact me at david.gadberry@harvestokc.com.

Talk is Cheap, Action is Priceless…

I’ve been home a few days now from Cambodia, and have been so excited about the response of people who have kept up with what we are doing in Asia and Africa. First of all thank you to all of you who are praying for us, and for the work that is being done on these continents.

I think we live in a time that is prime for making a difference in our world. The world continues to get smaller and smaller, and more people are getting it. The church is waking up to the responsibility we have to cary the Gospel throughout the world. I love the way we get to carry it. We always Teach and preach, but we also reach. We reach out to people by helping meet real day to day needs in their lives. Its the way Jesus did things and its the way we should do them as well.

James says that faith without works is dead. If you say to someone who is naked and hungry, go your way and be clothed and filled but don’t give them clothes or food, what good does that do. No good at all. So for us to carry the love of Jesus without the corresponding action is nonsense.

Thanks for getting it. Thanks for praying, giving, going, and sharing the Love of Jesus around the world, to all those that are. Not just Harvest but so many great partners out there who are doing kingdom work tirelessly and significantly.

Lets not forget, that the principles we use in global reach, are the same principles we can use right here at home. Your neighbors, friends, relatives, and acquaintances, all need to hear, and see the love of Jesus in action. Our world is looking for the authentic Christian. The real deal, and that is what we can be, and when we are it reaches, it ministers it helps those around us.

I have said before that it is amazing to me, how similar different cultures are, and because of that similar things reach people. So today, use the kindness and love of Jesus, to show someone you care, it could be the very thing that changes their world forever.