Sitting in a hotel in Phnom Penh Cambodia, it’s 11 pm and I’m talking to my wife Janae back home in Oklahoma. I had visited the genocide museum that day. I saw poverty like I’d never seen or even knew existed. Overwhelmed I begin to weep. I wept for the children, the hungry, sick, orphaned, and impoverished. I wept for the trafficked, and those walking for miles for clean water. Although I was moved with compassion I felt completely frustrated. I knew God was calling me to this, but had no clue how I could possibly do anything about all this injustice. I remember asking God what do you want me to do? Who am I? How can I help? This is to much.


God begin to reveal to me that, NO, I couldn’t do everything, but I could do something, and just because I couldn’t do everything I shouldn’t avoid doing the something that I could do.

So for the last 8 or 9 years now we’ve been doing what we can. Raising money, leading teams, medical clinics, crusades, Pastors and leaders trainings, feeding the hungry, building classrooms, and homes for orphans, water projects, partnered with local churches in Asia and Africa.


















I list these things and show these pictures not to say look what we’ve done but rather look What God can do over the years if we allow Him to use us. We truly can do something. One of the most rewarding things about living this life trying to fight injustice is to see how many people out there are doing the something they can do and it is truly making a difference.


Once we realized that we didn’t have to do everything, and that we couldn’t anyway we made a decision. We’ve seen the poverty, we’ve seen what HIV/aides is doing in the world. We’ve seen the corruption and the results. We’ve seen the girls and boys who’ve been ravaged by human trafficking. We’ve seen the multiplied millions of orphans around the world, and we refuse to turn our head and act as if it’s not happening. We refuse to wait for someone else to do something. We will do what we can, period. Justice is righting wrongs. We have taken it as our calling to look injustice in the face and bring solutions to right the wrongs that we can.

Most importantly we want to share the love of Jesus with our words and actions and make a difference in our world.

We can always use your help. How? 1. Pray. I mean this sincerely. We need all the prayer we can get for our trips, projects, team members and local churches we work with around the world. 2. Give obviously building classrooms, hope centers, feeding the hungry, housing orphans etc costs money, and a lot of it. God has blessed us to be a blessing. So, if you feel compelled to help us financially, we would truly appreciate your help. 3. Be on Team. you could apply to join one of our short term missions teams.

If you want to help you can go to http://www.globalreachforjustice.com

I Thank God for the privilege of serving Him in this way, and I would count it an honor to partner with you. #wecandosomething

Can You Help Me?

Global Reach for Justice is expanding into Central America. In October of 2012 we are taking, what we are calling an adventure trip. This trip will be akin to the “Amazing Race” it will be filled with clues, challenges and adventure. A fun way to approach reaching nations with the Gospel as well as humanitarian help. It will be geared for those who love adventure, people, and most importantly Jesus.

More trip details to come.

This is a new innovative way to get people involved in changing their world. It is our hope as we expand our efforts into Central America we will be able to carry out the mission of God to reach all people with the expressions of the love of Jesus.

I will be going at the end of this month, to preach and connect with some partners there to help impact their nation and region, and work out the logistics for this expansion opportunity.

My trip this month will cost around $1800 total.

I could use your help in two ways.

1. Pray: I would ask you to pray for me and global reach to make right connections and that God will use us to influence that part of the world now and in the future.

2. Give: help me start this journey of expansion into central America for the purpose of carrying the Gospel and humanitarian efforts for the people of that region. Whatever you could give to help would be much appreciated. Again my trip cost is $1800

If you give by check please make it out to Church of the Harvest. Put a note with the check that says its for my mission trip to central America.

You can give online by going to harvestokc.com, click on the giving link and denote in the memo that your offering is for David Gadberry’s central America Mission.

Please send checks to 512 providence circle, edmond, ok. 73003

***all gifts are 100% tax deductible.

I am leaving the 26th of this month. Thank you for your help.


Something to Say about INJUSTICE

Its encouraging to see how many people are becoming aware to the injustices and need around us and around the globe. So many great organizations are taking it as their responsibility to do something about injustice. Many are attacking this plight on humanity called “Human Trafficking.” Slavery is as real today as its ever been in the history of the world. We are going to stop it however, by Speaking out, Reaching out, and Helping out.

Many are attacking the injustice of hunger. There are families right here in the US and around the world, who are hungry. My wife being a teacher sees it all the time. Kids who are not being cared for well, either hungry or sick because of the lack of good food. The issue around the world is unbelievable. Just what I have seen in the places I have been will blow your mind to think that people live in these conditions. We are doing our best to do something about it. Yes these situations occur for different reasons, and truthfully those things need to be dealt with, but in the mean time, we will not let the innocent suffer the injustice because of some judgement we are making. How is this injustice being dealt with? People are Speaking out, Reaching out, and Helping out.

We could go on and on, about poverty, about exploitation, about clean water, about orphans, and homelessness, and when we look at all of this, it makes us afraid, overwhelmed, feel hopeless, and an over all resignation that there is nothing we can do. Truth is the way things change in the world, is by the pattern I’m talking about now. What we can do is very simple, and doable if we truly have passion to do it. Speak out, Reach out, and Help out.

Because I spend time developing ministry and projects to address these issues, and raise money to help with this and take trips to do the work, I have learned something very real. We can’t do everything, but we can do something. Truthfully if everyone did something, we could wipe out, some of the injustice in the world.

So join me in the following.

SPEAK OUT! Do some research, become and expert on the issues and talk about the problems, make people aware of what is going on. Share stories and solutions, force people to get their head out of the sand, and realize we are our brothers keeper. Talk it up.

However without action TALK IS CHEAP!

REACH OUT! So now that you’re speaking out, start reaching out. Align yourself with people who are doing something. Reach out to them and partner up. Reach out to those who are on the front lines and support. Things don’t change because we wish they would. They change because we do something about it. Doing something about it costs money. Some go, and Some send, but everyone can do their part. Don’t remain isolated and indifferent, reach out.

Now you’re speaking out, and reaching out, good, one more step though.

HELP OUT! Its not enough to speak or reach, we must cross the barrier, find out what we can actually do, and do it. When we first started thinking we could do something, it was daunting, but we realized, there are people who stand around overwhelmed, there are people who talk forever about grandiose plans for change, and then there are people who actually take steps, however small, and do something. We decided, we would be the latter. Whether locally, or globally, we would do what we could. What we have found is that over the years, the little we can do, turns in to generational blessings and help for people who are suffering injustice. We starting helping out.

So there you have it. The pattern for change, for dealing with injustice. SPEAK OUT, REACH OUT, HELP OUT!

Please share your thoughts, solutions, and concerns about injustice. Lets right the wrongs around the world.


We can do something…

In the last blog I gave some thoughts and statistics that are really staggering, heartbreaking, and shocking.  Several people responded and most said what most say.  They were outraged, irritated, and frustrated, then went on to say, someone has to do something.  What can we do?

A few years ago, when I became aware of the sex trade, and the unyielding problems that come with hiv/aids internationally the effects of war, and poverty, and the lack in underdeveloped nations, it profoundly effected me.  I always knew about these problems, but you can know, and not really “know.”  I knew mentally, but had never seen it for myself, and I have to say its way to easy for us as Americans to bury our head in the sand and just deny what goes on around the world, and even in the impoverished areas of our own nation.  People think if they just ignore it, it doesn’t exist, but when i took my first trip to Cambodia there was no denying the travesty that exists, and no ignoring the roaring voice in my mind that yelled, “DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!”

My mind realed, i was thinking about all the problems.  starvation, poverty, disease, war, children being orphaned, the sex trade, and so much more, and for a moment i just became overwhelmed.  I was thinking, this is horrible but what can I do?  I mean, really what can I do?  Then I adopted a new thought.  “I can’t do everything, but  I can do something, but what I will never do, is nothing!”

So we have been doing something.  You can read in previous blogs some of the things we are doing, and in future blogs what we are going to do, but I want to give you some thoughts, on how to do something.

Whether local, regional, national, or global you can do something.

1.  make up your mind you will do something. Something, meaning anything that you have the power to do.  Many people do nothing because they think if they can’t do something huge it wont make a difference.  The truth is most of what is making a difference in the world today are things that started by someone saying, i will do what i can, and just grew from there.

2.  Wake yourself up, and those around you up to the need, and take responsibility for it. If everyone is thinking someone else will do it, then no one will.  It takes all of us doing what we can, when we can, where we can, to effect a change.

3.  Brainstorm what you can do. Don’t think that the answer to everything is merely money.  We have lots of resources that are based on talents, and time, and not just treasure.  Yes it takes money but you can do things that make a difference that don’t cost a lot.  Its at least a place to start, and remember our resources go a lot further in the third world than they do here.

4.  Become a partner. Nothing significant will ever be done on any level without partners.  We need each other.  Others need you and you need them.  We all bring something different and good to the table, and working together gets more done than trying everything on our own.  We are developing partners all over the world.

5.  Make people aware. I used to think awareness efforts were a waste of time.  I would say, people need to quit talking and start doing something about it.  Then I realized that with our ability to ignore things awareness is very important.  To do what we do we need financial partners and we have learned that people are motivated by getting a revelation of what is really happening, rather then us just saying we need help.  People need to know that little girls and boys are being sold and bought for sexual perversion.  People need to know that people have no medical care, or no education, or no hope because of corruption or poverty.    When we make people aware it incites a riot on the inside of them, it turns their world upside down and demands action.

6.  Don’t get frustrated when people aren’t as motivated as you about these needs. It takes time and your frustration will only negatively effect you and put an edge on you that will repel people not attract them to help you.

So those are some things I think about.  Just remember you can do something.  So do it.


something to say…

What do you have to say?

How do the following statements make you feel?

…it is said, that if a child goes through foster Care all their lives until they are 18, 80% of them will go to prison…

…multiplied thousands of Ethiopian children face severe disease, face underdevelopment physically and mentally, and face death from malnutrition each year…

…multiplied thousands of children around the planet are literally sold and bought in the extreme labor trade, or the Sex trade…

…The average age of a sex slave is 13 and getting younger….

…I have met girls rescued from the sex trade as young as 6 years old…

…because of the cost and corruption many families and children around the world do not receive the medical care they need, and die of sickness that in our time should not kill them…

….there are millions of children left with no parents, because of HIV/AIDS…

What do you think when you read these statements?

another great day

Today was simply incredible. Our leadership conference continued. Our friends from Uganda led some music, they are a powerful team, the sing beautifully and dance? Wow! Cory Redinger gave a great word. I taught the leaders on the idea that Excellence in leadership requires wisdom. Wisdom is very important. It’s the practical application of the knowledge we have. We looked at the life of Joseph and how the leadership principles he practiced were based on wisdom, and if applied to our own lives will bring huge success.

After conference we had some lunch at a nice little African restaurant, it was very good. The team is doing great, they are so flexible and are going with the flow. God is changing all of us in different ways.

We then went out to an orphanage and tested kids for glasses and fitted many with new glasses. What a great opportunity for ministry. We played with the kids. We used crafts, games, We pulled all the girls together and I told them the story of Esther and how God really loves them and wants them to be great leaders as well, and that they are important and God values them highly.

It was great experience; it has given us many thoughts about how to bring some solutions to some of the problems Rwanda is having.

The weather has been excellent. We are now getting something to drink at a restaurant and meeting with our team, then we are going to the next generation all nighters’. That’s right unknown to us they turned it into an all night worship fest with me speaking and our Uganda team doing music and many others singing and dancing. I am hearing that groups from all over Kigali are coming. It should be fun. We won’t stay all night because we have the leaders meeting tomorrow for one last day, morning and afternoon sessions.

More to come, we are loving it and have had great impact, and it has changed us as well as them. It is amazing, when you can see leaders grow and develop and feed and care for orphans all in the same day. What a life? The global reach for 2009 is going strong.

God Bless

I have something to say

Check, check….testing 1,2,3…is this thing on? Everybody listen up….I have something to say.

Human trafficking is a plague on our globe, the trading of human lives, human beings especially children for abusive labor practices and the sex trade, forced prostitution.

I say this in this way, to get attention. Every year when I travel to different places i see this problem. Its brought on by poverty, by corruption, by greed. Whatever the reason is its an emergency that everyone do what they can to stop it. I have realized that it is so easy for us to see reports about this and hear stories about it, and be completely enraged, but then easily put it out of our mind. So this is me saying, wake up, listen, pay attention, don’t forget that right now, while you are free, there are children that are slaves of mean spirited pimps who farm them out to perverted people to do horrible sexually perverted and physically abusive things to them.

Be reminded that as you eat with your family tonight, that they have been yanked out of the bosom of their family to by isolated and abused. Just think when your kids lay in their clean beds tonight, they will sleep if they can, in filth and poverty and hunger, after they have been forced to sale their bodies any where from 10 to 40 times a day.

As you look at your teenager tonight remember that the average age for a girl in the sex trade today is 14

Check, check, is this thing on? So lets do what we can. What we are doing is partnering with organizations who are involved with rescuing efforts and with after care efforts. We also realize that children who are captive to human trafficking or usually victims of poverty, and have lost their family’s. So we are building orphanages, and we are working with medical clinics, and we are partnering with local churches and leaders to reach out and help these children, with food, clothing, medical care, ministry and education.

We can’t do everything, but we can do something, and what we will never do, is nothing.

Just a reminder, its something I’m very passionate about, and want people to take a moment to remember.

Thank you, and good night.


Global Reach for Justice…2009

Justice, what is it? Justice simply put is righting wrongs. We all have issues we think are wrong and need to be righted, and many of them we would not all agree on, but I think we can agree on some. Its not right when you see kids who live in such abject poverty they don’t have shoes. Going shoeless is very bad for their health, cuts on the feet, bacteria in the water, worms, are all things that cause disease in children as a result of no footwear.

I think we can all agree that the bloated bellies and skeletal bodies of families and especially children who experience malnutrition is not right. Its not enough just to have something to eat what you eat must have nutritional value or it fills your belly, but starves your body.

I think we can all agree that the buying and selling of human beings is wrong, and needs to be made right. We have a bigger issue of human trafficking today around the world, greater than ever in history. Humans, especially children bought and sold for inhumane work, and worst of all prostitution, sex trafficking.

I think we can agree that genocide is wrong, and yes it is still happening in places around the world, and nations are still recovering from it.

We can agree that lack of health care in third world nations, the lack of community development, and education, causing hopelessness and despair as well as death, from sicknesses that are easily cured if the medicine is available, is not right.

Its not right, that the very water that should be giving life to a community is what is killing it. Its not right that orphaned children are roaming streets with an almost certain future of destruction and death. Children caring for children or themselves, just to survive.

We could all make political statements at this point. Like well if they hadn’t done this, or if they would stop that. We use the word “they” to keep “them” distant from “Us” so we don’t feel responsible.

Its Not right, Its not Right……ITS NOT RIGHT!

I have a personal feeling of responsibility for people in these situations because I’m a Christian, and I know God loves everyone, and He wants everyone to experience His love. If we took time to really look at the life of Jesus we would see how practical and compassionate He truly is. We should be a reflection of that.

Proverbs 31:8-9 (MSG)
8-9 “Speak up for the people who have no voice,
for the rights of all the down-and-outers.
Speak out for justice!
Stand up for the poor and destitute!”

Matthew 25:34-40 (MSG)
34-36″Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Enter, you who are blessed by my Father! Take what’s coming to you in this kingdom. It’s been ready for you since the world’s foundation. And here’s why:

I was hungry and you fed me,
I was thirsty and you gave me a drink,
I was homeless and you gave me a room,
I was shivering and you gave me clothes,
I was sick and you stopped to visit,
I was in prison and you came to me.’

37-40″Then those ‘sheep’ are going to say, ‘Master, what are you talking about? When did we ever see you hungry and feed you, thirsty and give you a drink? And when did we ever see you sick or in prison and come to you?’ Then the King will say, ‘I’m telling the solemn truth: Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me—you did it to me.’

The Bible Clearly spells out for us our mission on this earth. To share the Love of Jesus, The Love of God, in practical ways, with those who so desperately need His message and His action. To long we have spoken and not acted.

This year we are bringing Justice in the ways we are able in the following places. Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Cambodia. Doing leadership conferences, and Medical Clinics, building an educational facility, and distributing Bibles, feeding the hungry, and helping rescue girls out of forced prostitution. We are doing evangelistic concerts sharing hope, love, and Joy through Jesus, and resourcing Hope centers for orphans we’ve already built, as well as working with an after care program for girls who have been rescued from the Sex Trade.

We are committed to righting wrongs, to loving people, to bringing change to the world. We can’t do everything, but we can do something, and what we will never do, is nothing.

Our partners are…

If you would like to be a part of helping right wrongs, by being a part of this Global reach for Justice, Please contact me @ david.gadberry@harvestokc.com, or call 405 478 7373

Partner with us in this global reach for Justice.

please visit my Face book page and look under my videos, will give you a greater understanding.  You can also find the video on my myspace page, and at http://www.harvestokc.com under global reach.


Wide Awake…and back on this side of the world

Well its 3:30 a.m. here in Oklahoma, and i’m wide awake.  I guess my clock is still on Africa time, the places i was it would be 11:30 a.m. almost lunch time, I hope I don’t get hungry too.  Thats all I need to start eating at 3 in the morning.

So, while I’m up anyway I thought I would share with you a lesson I learned in Rwanda.  After a great Pastors and believers conference, we were milling around and a lot of different people wanted to talk, you know, tell me what they had learned or received from the conference, thanking us for coming, etc.  One of my interpreters came to me and said there is a little mother who would like to speak with you before you leave.  I said ok, she waited for a long time, and finally we walked over to her, and I hugged her and said hello.  She begin to tell us that she had heard me talk about what we were doing for orphans, and she would like to tell me her story and see if I could help her.  She told me that her husband had died two months previous, and he didn’t leave the family prepared.  She has eight children, not uncommon for this culture and they were making it fine when dad was alive but now he was dead, and she had recently lost her job.  She told me that if something didn’t happen, she would not be able to feed her family or pay their rent.  She asked if I would help.  I wave of irritation came over me, because there was really nothing I could do, I thought.

I had the interpreter tell her that I wish i could do something, but the budget we have is very specific and I can’t take monies that are already committed and give to her, because they would be breaking my word to people I promised I would help.  I said, but i will do the most powerful thing I can do, I will pray with you.  by the way I do believe that is the most powerful thing I can do, however sometimes in a moment like this it makes you feel completely impotent, thinking of a need that is so immediate.  So I prayed with her, She cried, and I cried, I hugged her, told her I loved her, and walked away feeling like a hypacrite.  I was thinking, you love her?  then why didn’t you help her, I said to God, this is not right,  i know that my prayer avails much, but please don’t ask me to come to a place that has such need without enough resource to meet the needs I can, I broke my heart, I have to say it made me mad.  I walked back to my room, very frustrated, very angry, this little mother, has not options.

I asked her during the process can you go to your pastor and can help you?  She told me a story that is indicitive of Rwanda right now.  They do not want churches putting up temporary facilities because they are trying to set building standards.  If you don’t have the money to build a permanent facility and you don’t have the money to rent a hall you literally have to disband your church and meet in homes, so many of them are doing cells in homes, but many of them see this as to difficult and are disbanding.  Her pastor disband his church so right now she is without a church home.  So i recommended a church she should try, and then prayed and walked off.

As I was changing clothes, and getting ready to go eat, which felt like an indictment in itself.  I just failed to help a lady who was about to go in to a very difficult time and not be able to feed her family and here I am about to take my team to a restaurant and Eat together, and the cost of it would sustain this lady for a month or more.

As i’m changing, I’m asking, “why couldn’t I help this lady,”  and I believe God impressed on my heart, “why couldn’t you?”  My answer was the same I gave her.  “I don’t have it in the budget,”  The impression grew stronger, “who cares about the budget what do you have in your pocket?”  It dawned on me, the money I had in my pocket would go along way to helping her.  I only had what would equal about 20 or 30 american dollars, but I got inspired.

I finished changing, got my bag, and headed to the bus.  When I got on, I told the bus driver “find that lady, she is walking home, find her.”  No one accept my interpreter and the bus driver new what was going on, and I didn’t have time to explain, but I asked, who will give me, I cant remember what their money is called, but it was the equivalent of 9 or 10 dollars.  I said who will give 10 dollars, I didn’t say why, I didn’t say what it was for, No one cared.  I heard I give it, another Ill give it, and from the back of the bust to the front, people started handing me money.  American’s rwandans everyone.  Finally we rolled up on this woman, I said let me off this bus, and I ran out and met with her, and I apalogized and said there is something I can do, I can give you this.  I handed her this roll of money, I don’t know how much it was, but in her life it was a lot.  She cried and was so thankful, I couldn’t understand what she was saying, but I could sense her gratitude and her love.

This story made me realize that we as americans, we do care, we do want to help, but many times we think if we can’t solve the whole problem then there is nothing we can do.  I don’t know why I thought like that, I don’t know why I thought I have nothing to give, when I clearly did.  We must make it personal, we must realize, no we may not be able to fix it all but there is something we can do.  I am reminded of Moses, God said, “use what you have in your hand.”  I’m reminded of Gideon, “use your pitchers and trumpets, ‘what you have.'”  I’m reminded of Joseph, he used his gift of administration.”  I’m reminded of the new testament church, they used what they had.  Their homes, their love, their friendship, their money, just what they had.  Its amazing what God can do, and what He will make up for if we will just use what we have, and do something.

I really learned something that day, and I will carry it into my day to day activities in my world, because this means everyday, i can do something significant to help someone who needs my help.  Everyday, think about it……Every Day!

I love Jesus