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Disappointing loss for the Thunder tonight. Hard to deal with just listening to it cause you miss the action but it was thrilling at the end. Thought for sure we were in for OT but didn’t work out.

Now let’s just go to Miami and win 2.

Today will be a win for the kingdom. Today the new members of the team will get to go to the genocide memorial which will be an eye opening experience.

We are helping the local church team here organize their children’s ministry and follow up on a small painting project

This afternoon we will be going out to pastor eddy’s outreach. We will play soccer and meet with the young people in small groups as well in a mass meeting.

There will be over 200 participants. We are leaving them a lot of soccer equipment to further their outreach

We will wrap the evening up by sharing the gospel with the young people and their families.

These people are so ready to receive. Very fruitful ministry.

A Little Round Ball

Isn’t it amazing what can open the heart of a child.

There is a place that supersedes language barriers, that breaks through cultural boundaries, that unifies people, that brings cooperation.

You might say that place is love. It’s true love can do all those things, but not what I’m talking about.

The place I’m talking about is the field, track, or court of sport. Children and young people and even adults love to play. Some may be good some may not be good but everyone loves to have fun.

When you allow a child to jump and run and compete and use their skill it opens them up to enjoy life.

Some people might say how does sport help on the mission field. We didn’t go jut to play games. Every culture I’ve ever experienced if you take the time to do good things that people love, it draws them out and helps build relationships that open the door to the Gospel. Every culture understands fun, or some kind of sport.

So let’s get off our religious high horse, get out there have some fun, play the games and reach those who need Jesus and the hope he brings.

One thing that is imperative to being on a global reach team is to enjoy life, and in that joy the world can see we have something they need.

Blessed to be a blessing

Ready for sleep

I love arriving in Rwanda, I always have the same feeling when I get off the plane. My mind is flooded with so many great memories from the years gone by.

Friends, ministry efforts, life changing experiences and relationships. Its a great nation and a great people.

I also feel that jet lag tired. That weird uneasy stomach and restless get me off this plane feelings. When that collides with the beautiful fresh smell of the Rwandan hillsides, it makes for a great moment.

Now I’m tired and ready for some sleep. Then up at 3 to watch my Thunder. Down with the heat!

One last stop


Always a last minute stop. Had a little glitch with my malaria medicine, but thanks to a great doctor and a fast acting pharmacy it’s all good. Now it’s off to the races to the airport. I always emphasize don’t be late so I am pushing to get there on time. (leadership).

Can You Help Me?

Global Reach for Justice is expanding into Central America. In October of 2012 we are taking, what we are calling an adventure trip. This trip will be akin to the “Amazing Race” it will be filled with clues, challenges and adventure. A fun way to approach reaching nations with the Gospel as well as humanitarian help. It will be geared for those who love adventure, people, and most importantly Jesus.

More trip details to come.

This is a new innovative way to get people involved in changing their world. It is our hope as we expand our efforts into Central America we will be able to carry out the mission of God to reach all people with the expressions of the love of Jesus.

I will be going at the end of this month, to preach and connect with some partners there to help impact their nation and region, and work out the logistics for this expansion opportunity.

My trip this month will cost around $1800 total.

I could use your help in two ways.

1. Pray: I would ask you to pray for me and global reach to make right connections and that God will use us to influence that part of the world now and in the future.

2. Give: help me start this journey of expansion into central America for the purpose of carrying the Gospel and humanitarian efforts for the people of that region. Whatever you could give to help would be much appreciated. Again my trip cost is $1800

If you give by check please make it out to Church of the Harvest. Put a note with the check that says its for my mission trip to central America.

You can give online by going to harvestokc.com, click on the giving link and denote in the memo that your offering is for David Gadberry’s central America Mission.

Please send checks to 512 providence circle, edmond, ok. 73003

***all gifts are 100% tax deductible.

I am leaving the 26th of this month. Thank you for your help.


He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands…

It’s amazing how wide your eyes are opened when you travel the world and experience new cultures.  I’ve said it before but its true none the less.  It is thrilling to stand among the people of Africa and Asia and worship God with them.  It’s powerful.  Really there is nothing like it in the world.  You immediately realize, this is my family.  No matter the cultural differences, or the language barriers or the different methodilogies, you can always sense the family unity, and know “we belong together.”

I want to encourage anyone who would read this blog, go on a missions trip.  Be a blessing to someone around the world, by not just giving, but also going.  I realize it may not be your thing, I realize you may only do it once, but if you did it just once, it would broaden your horizons significantly.

So as I prepare to go to Africa to carry the message, to train leaders, to help the poor, to minister to orphans, to build classrooms, I realize now more than ever, He has the whole world in his hands, and I have a huge family.