Try a Little Tenderness


In a world of terrorism, road rage, and mean spirited politics it can seem that kindness is a thing of the past. It can seem that no one is civil anymore.

I encourage you if you feel that way to step back take a deep breath, turn off the barrage of media negativity and think about it.

Most people are decent people, who want to get along with their neighbors and want to enjoy life. It seems that more and more we are letting that slip through our fingers.

I still believe the Bible and one prevalent principle teaches us that we reap what we sow.

Let’s all decide today to live the way Jesus taught us. “do to others as you want them to do to you.”

How to restore kindness.

1. Every morning think and pray
About who you can purposefully be kind to.

2. Decide you will do something nice on purpose to someone each day.

3. Decide to respond not react.

4. Just be nice.

Let’s bring kindness and civility back. You can stand for what you believe and not be mean about it.

Don’t let the Sun Go Down on Your Wrath


I Was in a parking lot today. One car driving down the row another car backing out. Yes you guessed it they collided.

You would think they would get out check to see if each other were ok, be apologetic and exchange insurance.

No! Not these two. They immediately begin to yell at each other. “didn’t you see me driving behind you?”. The other said, “didn’t you see me backing out?”. It was on. I was going to
Try to help but thought better of it. I didn’t have time and they needed a referee not just a passer by.

It seems that people are so easily angered today. I think it’s because we Cary a lot of unresolved frustration and anger.

We go to bed with things unresolved, then they pile up on us until someone presses the right button and boom! We go off like a cannon.

When the bible says not to let the sun go down on our anger God is telling us to deal with our issues. Don’t let even a night go by without getting resolve. Start every day with a clean slate.

Try it. It will take the pressure off and make it a lot easier to live with you.


Thankful for…


The love of God, the love of my wife, the love of my daughters, my family, my friends; LOVE


His omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience. His perfection, and promise. His word, and wisdom. His wonder and willingness. His power and passion. His creation and compassion. His Life and love. His greatness and grace. His immensity and intensity. His purpose and plan; JESUS


Her beauty, inward and out. Her commitment to our God, our marriage, our family, our purpose and Destiny. Her mothering, authentic, loving, compassionate, graceful, wise Role model to our girls on what a real godly woman looks like. Her Friendship to me, walk, talk, live, rise above anything to overcome together. Her everything, there is nothing in her I’m not thankful for; Janae


Their grace, beauty, submissive, willing spirits. Their love for God and life. Their purpose filled hearts and dream filled passions. Their brilliance and brightness. Their caring and compassionate hearts. Their love for me and their mother and their care for others; Taylor/Sydney


Moms, dads, bros, and sisters. Grands, aunts, uncles and cousins, nieces and nephews. We have been blessed with great family in our lives. The things they’ve taught us. The prayers they’ve prayed the support they have given, and the lessons they have taught us. The love shared by us all; FAMILY


There through ups and downs, encouraging, caring and sharing. Life together. Good times and bad. Care for me, my family, and allowing us in their lives. The vulnerability of friendship; FRIENDS


Bridge Jumping

Proverbs 1:10 (msg) Dear friend, if bad companions tempt you, don’t go along with them.

I love this verse. So simply put and powerful. Problem is, I think we overlook it because of it’s simplicity. As adults I think many of us think peer pressure stops in our teens.

Which is not true. Being an adult is like peer pressure on steroids. I see so many people making bad decisions with their lives because of bad companions and their advice.

Few things to remember. People who would tempt you to do wrong…

1. Always have an ulterior motive.
2. Are always selfish.
3. Always want company so they don’t have to take personal responsibility.
4. Will always blame you, and leave you holding the bag when it comes down to it.
5. Never think long term, or about consequences, or care who they hurt, you included.

That’s why they are called “bad” companions. So I’ll tell you like you’re momma did, “if your friend jumped off a bridge, would you?”. The answer for everyone wanting to have good life is NO.


harvest summer so far…

WOW! we are having a great summer so far. The ministry and outreach that has happened sense June at harvest is incredible. I am so thankful that God has challenged us to reach out, and count it an honor to serve God in this way. GFC, impacted many ladies lives from around the region, our Rwanda trip, became more than we ever hoped, Royal family Kids camp was phenomenal and Kids camp was off the charts. We have now completed our first week of Youth America Camp.

As I stood by the stage last night and watched as our young adult staffers prayed for the young people. I felt such pride, such passion, excited that we have a church that promotes, embraces, and empowers the next generation. Janae and I stood in that room watching as our young adults rose to the occasion in their worship, and passion for God, and for the church. We have so much to be thankful for, but the one thing today, I am thankful for is that my girls are growing up in a culture that lets young people see, there is room in the church for them, and the future of the church is in their hands.

The recording was powerful. We truly captured a night with God! Its been a great summer.

I love summers at harvest. Stay tuned, two more weeks of Camp and then we leave for Cambodia. Can’t wait.



I am by no means a movie critic, but I have a lot of people ask me about my thoughts on Transformers so here it is. I went with my friend Spike and my 15 year old daughter Taylor.

As far as the CG effects, nothing better, It is completely believable in the sense that you forget its imaginary, it seems absolutely real.

The action was great, and the story line wasn’t bad.

The movie did have a story but it was somewhat disjointed. It was absolutely too long. There was no reason for it to be that long, and it truly just ran out of steam at the end. You know what is going to happen, and it just didn’t have the suspense i expected it too. It was so long I fell asleep at the end.

I thought the actors were great. Although it didn’t take a lot of great acting, and didn’t bring greatness out of the actors, it was still a superb performance by each actor.

The last thing is, I got very uncomfortable with my daughter there, because of the arbitrary vulgarity. Sure there were parts that were funny. Many funny parts, however there was no real reason for the vulgarity. The sexual inuendo was poured on think, and was completely unnecessary.

So all in all, it was fun, great action, way to long, too much sexual innuendo, and arbitrary vulgarity. It was funny and had a pretty good story, just took a long time to get there.

I like the start of the movie. He’s great!


The clinic…

We are so excited that we got all the glitches worked out for the clinic. Here in Rwanda many times the national govt is a very cooperative and forward thinking and grateful for people coming in and helping, but sometimes, not all the time, just sometimes the local govts are not. Thank God for giving us connections and friendships that have helped us get through the issues and have our clinic. The clinic was a huge success. I will have to post pics later, due to some technical difficulties.

The area that our clinic is in is a major prostitution area one of the biggest in Kigali. A lot of the problems we saw were STD’s, some stomach viruses, some infections, some problems that were severe enough we were able to refer them to a hospital and doctors care.

The first day because of some of the difficulties it took us a bit to get started once we did we saw around 175 to 200 patients total. The second day we had more dr.s and were able to see around 500 patients. It was a very busy day.

The children were dirty and mostly bare footed. They’re community was the poorest of the poor. It was a slum. One of the dr’s told me that the ditches there, and he pointed to them, they were filled with trash and all kinds of filth. He said when it rains and the ditches fill with water, they will use the water out of those ditches to drink. So you can see what a need their is for medical care and for teaching these families how to be healthy. What not to eat, what not to drink, what promiscuity is doing to them.

One of our doctors spent time while people were waiting in line teaching them. He said they are just ignorant of the facts. This is how they have lived from generation to generation and their thinking has to be changed.

I can’t imagine that their life expectancy is very long. In this culture if you are 50 or above you are considered old. Some places even 40’s are considered old. To most of the young guys we were working with, i was old, and as you all know I am very young. (sorry a little of my mid life crisis coming out

When we talked to the minister of Justice, he said something that is very true. There is something to do to help in every sector of society. Humanitarian efforts, spiritual efforts, infrastructure efforts, business efforts, and on and on.

Our meeting with the ambassador was very informative. Stewart Simington the third. He is a good man. He has only been in Rwanda since September, but he definitley has his finger on the pulse of this nation. He was very helpful in giving us ideas for the future and was so welcoming.

He was very appreciative of Americans coming here trying to help. He has invited us to bring the entire team to his house this afternoon to talk. He wanted to see them all. He is a great representative for America here in Rwanda. You would be very proud of our embassy here as well.

So We have done what we can, the team is out shopping for souvaneirs and I am staying back in my room recovering from a bout of either food posining or a bug i picked up but either way yesterday was tough. Its times like these that you truly miss home. I’m feeling great today. Just resting recouping my strength, and ready to come home. let me say again how great this team has been. I always say this after a trip but its true every time. I would take harvest people anywhere around th world to help people because our culture connects well with those who we are trying to help. Thanks Pastor Kirk and Nancy for raising us to care about people locally, regionally, nationally, and around the world.

Love you all and look forward to seeing you soon.