OU Vs Mizzou

A friend gave me some tickets to go see the game last saturday and it was a great time! The atmosphere was charged with anticipation of the Sooners wrapping up the season this year as the national champions!

The stadium was packed 85,000 strong! Crimson and Cream blanketed the stadium. My wife, youngest daughter and niece came along with me and the girls made the day even more exciting as they laughed giggled and jumped every time the guns went off to celebrate a score. Shots were fired frequently but fewer times than I wanted.

The game itself was a bit strange. We won, which is great but it seemed to be out of rhythm, slow and left a lot to be desired defensively. I loved the game but it was far from just a game, when you go to the game it is definitely an experience!

The band, the crowd, the food, the video, and the teams all culminated in an amalgam of crimson and cream football mania, and they live by “The Code”


Fans are funny. You have your “die hard never miss a game” fans. You also have the “coaches in the stands” fans, your “I’m glad to be here but no nothing about football fans.”.

I heard some interesting comments, like “stoops your getting to comfortable in the nice big new home.” I have no idea what that has to do with anything but he felt strongly about it.

It made me aware that leaders have to do what they think is right, and can not be moved by the crowd. There were so many opinions and thoughts about the strategy, and they were screaming as if stoops could hear them. The dynamic is humorous. All said and done it was a great experience, and a fun time, to lead a team at that level you have to be secure and stand confidently in your plan and not be moved by the emotion of the crowd.

Hurry Up and Wait

Is this ever going to happen? I remember as a young preacher just starting out feeling like I would never get my shot, like it was taking forever. I look back on that now and think I was being ridiculous.

However when you’re in the moment it can sometimes seem like the thing you are wanting, needing or believing for is taking forever to arrive. I’m very results oriented, and if I don’t see the results soon enough I can become frustrated. Knowing this about myself helps me to work through it as I wait.

I’ve noticed that when we aren’t patient it can result in some negative things in our lives. Things like…
>not learning the lessons we were meant to learn in the process
>trying to position ourselves and manipulate a situation
>stunt our growth and development.

James 1:2-4 in the NKJV says…

My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.

When we are patient some positive things happen.
>we grow and mature
>our understanding is enlightened
>we acquire the necessary skills, attitudes, and mind sets to fully achieve our goal

Patiently waiting implies that work is going on. Don’t make the mistake that waiting equals nothing, waiting is part of the process of learning, developing, building and growing. Much of which is invisible externally until the wait is over

When we have that sense of purpose, when we are impassioned to bring change, to get results, to accomplish the goal, we get excited! We can see the end of the rainbow, and envision how things will turn out, but in between here and there are several steps you can’t see that have to be taken. Be patient with the process while keeping your eye on the purpose.

Consider this…

*Joseph was 17 when he received the dream but well over 30 when it came to fruition.
*Moses was early 40’s when he realized his purpose and over 100 when he saw the land of promise
*David was believed to be around 17 when he killed Goliath and anointed king, but didn’t actually reign over all of Israel until he was around 37

So if you are working on a goal, building an organization, leading a team, or just contemplating that next step in your destiny, be passionate, excited, energetic “AND” patient.

Hurry Up and Wait!

Lead Anyway

I hear this word a lot. “frustration.”. What is it? To me frustration is the differential between reality and expectation. You have certain expectations for people, situations, circumstances, and even goals. But at times your reality misses the mark. That is frustration.

Problem we have is getting focused on the frustration, which creates more frustration. We have to remind ourselves we move in the direction of our focus, so regardless of reality keep our eyes on the expectation and it will draw us to it.

If things aren’t working out just right lead anyway. If people aren’t getting it, lead anyway. If your reality has never been farther from your expectation lead anyway.

Frustration is a killer if you allow it to become your focus and paralyze your leadership.

Focus on the expectation of Gods purpose for you, and lead towards it, and regardless of people, circumstances or time, you will arrive at your expected end. Lead anyway.