Big Announcement

I’m extremely excited to be the Senior Pastor of The Summit church in Canyon Texas.

God knows what He’s doing. Two years ago, God begin to reveal to me that change was coming.

We have served at Church of the Harvest for 15 years, and we’ve been friends with Kirk and Nancy Pankratz, Senior Pastors there, for 20 years. So this move is a big change for all of us.

When we came to harvest my oldest daughter Taylor was 3 years old. Today she’s in her freshmen year of college and from that time till this it seems like a flash.

Over that fifteen years we have developed deep, lasting friendships. We have experienced some great memories. We’ve worked side by side with some great men and women of God and God has given us huge dreams and begun to bring those dreams to reality.

I have to say that while I wasn’t really looking for a reason to leave Harvest I wasn’t surprised when this journey began. God has developed some things in me over the last few years for a purpose. And when I realized it would be somewhere else an incredible metamorphosis began.

I’ve learned when God is about to change things externally He starts by changing things internally. I begin to see things differently, I struggled with feeling disloyal to my pastor, I struggled with fear of change, I struggled with being able to see what a new life would look like. But God walked our entire family through this process and 2 years later we couldn’t be more excited, empowered, released and ready to take all that we’ve learned and build the far reaching dreams that God has placed in our hearts for His kingdom.

As we go along I will blog about this two year journey, I know the things we have experienced will help many, especially those in some kind of transition.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to make a change. There is the way of integrity and confidence, then there is the way of dishonesty and cowardice. We didn’t want to leave we wanted to be sent.

We have committed to do it right and be a model for those who are being called out and sent out.

After a year of clear direction and confirmation we knew it was time to tell our Pastors what God was telling us. Their response was everything you would expect from a spiritual mom and dad. Shocked but not surprised. Accepting and loving. Grace filled and mournful. Pride and concern. A true spirit of partnership and release, an empowering response.

After we told them we thought an opportunity would come immediately and we would be on our way, but five months passed and we had no open doors. Those were some of the most educational months of my life. (I’ll write about them later), biggest lesson? Trust God!

Then it happened, through a relationship we were connected to a wonderful church and people in Canyon Texas called The Summit. It is everything God Spoke to us about. The people, the timing, the potential, everything.

I never thought I would live in Texas, and was completely unfamiliar with the panhandle. However when we drove into the community of Canyon for the first time it was like God deposited a love for the place in our hearts immediately. It’s an awesome place. The people are amazing, the church is wonderful and the future vision God has for this place is palpable to us.

We know significant things are coming, for the region, and from this place we will reach around the world.

Janae and I and the girls have never felt more alive, more purposed or excited about our future.

It is our Honor to serve the people of The Summit as their pastor, to serve the people of the panhandle region and most importantly to serve God in doing His will and building His Kingdom!

We look forward to Leading to the future, to the purpose, dreams and , vision God has for The Summit.

So the journey has been long and at times arduous but we have reached the Summit and we are ready to look out over the promise land and finally with all of our strength, energy, and enthusiasm cross over!

So we are saying our goodbyes which are really “see you laters” to the people of Harvest and our hello’s to the welcoming arms of the People of The Summit and we believe that what God has sent us out to do will be accomplished.

Exciting days ahead!

Parenting Tip


Bring your kids into your world. One of the worse things we can do as a parent is compartmentalize our lives and try to keep all those compartments separate. All it does is set up an internal conflict and competition. The worse part is it separates you from your family. A great way to break down the wall is to bring your kids into your world.

1. I take Syd to school every day. Gives us time together and a chance for us to bond.

2. On the days I pick her up I take her back to my office with me. She does her homework and then gets to hang out in my world. It’s fun and she feels connected to me.

There are many ways to do it, this is just one. The point is bring your family along. Don’t create a scenario where they resent what separates you but feel like the family does life together.

Be together more than apart. It makes a difference. It’s a fact.