My Family

My Family, otherwise known as “my girls” are the sweetest, and best people I know.

20120403-223958.jpg My wife Janae, is a second grade teacher and has, for over 23 years been a great partner to me in ministry. In August of 2012 we will be married 24 years. The best years of my life to this point. Janae is a purposeful, powerful, and Kind woman. She is a wonderful wife and the best mom I’ve ever seen.


Taylor is 19.

20120403-224513.jpg She is completely given to the cause of Christ. Her heart is to be a significant leader in the church. She see’s herself pastoring and Leading worship, (not my call, what she has decided). She will begin college this fall. She currently leads worship in several different settings She travels with me each year to Cambodia. She preached her first message a few years ago in Mexico and 34 people made decisions to receive Jesus as their personal savoir. Taylor has destiny on her life, she is a world changer, and developing into a great woman. She is also a lot of fun, her laugh is infectious, and she is just hilarious.

Sydney is a hoot.

20120403-225608.jpgShe is 10. This girl says and does the funniest things you have ever seen. I’m laughing all the time because of her. She also has a big heart. She is entirely compassionate and loving. She always cares what is going on with others, and is our social butterfly. She has more friends than I do, she used to be shy but decided that was not for her, and that she was going to jump in with both feet, and man has she. She has her own web show called the Sydney show.


20120403-225844.jpg Lady is our little Mini Schnauzer. Yes she is also a girl. I’m surrounded. She is the best little dog and we love her.

So this is my family, some great people. As a family we have great aspirations to live for the Cause of Christ. To enjoy life, living it for others and making a difference in our world. There is never a dull moment at the Gadberry house, we are moving and shaking.


2 thoughts on “My Family

  1. Great pics and fam. Awesome to hear the story about your daughter in Mexico. You’re definitly doing a great job of being a parent and husband.

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