Be the Solution

We can’t do everything, but we can do something, and we refuse to do nothing! This is a paraphrase of a quote from the remarkable Helen Keller.

She reminds us that doing what we can has great value. It seems that more and more we are becoming increasingly aware of injustice in the world. Let’s take a step beyond awareness to action.

It’s not enough to know we need a solution, or even to come up with a solution. We need to be the solution. Act on what we know. Like building a school in the third world or clothing orphans or training workers.

Help us be the solution for the impoverished in Cambodia, Rwanda, and Uganda.

It’s a hard knock life…Be thankful

1 Thessalonians 5:8 (AMP) Thank [God] in everything [no matter what the circumstances may be, be thankful and give thanks], for this is the will of God for you [who are] in Christ Jesus [the Revealer and Mediator of that will].

Of course we shouldn’t have the attitude that his is a hard knock life, because attitude is everything, and that is what this passage of scripture is all about.  Its not a hard knock life, but as Christians we can not deny that life has some hard knocks.  Just because we know Jesus and have a relationhip with Him, does not mean we will never face adverse or difficult circumstances.  What is different, or should be different, is the attitude we have regardless of those circumstances.

When we as believers face hardship what is our response?  I think its interesting that Paul tells us to be thankful.  Have you ever tried to really be negative and thankful or grateful at the same time.  Its impossible to gripe and complain when our heart is truly thankful.  However, lets not get our theology confused here.  The bible does not say give thanks “for” everything, but “in” everything.

Many times Christians not able to explain “why” things happen, over sensationalize and spiritualize problems as if God is doing it to them to teach them a lesson.  That is not what Paul is saying, he is saying, no matter what this life throws at us, in the middle of it all, thank God.  Which is the true point of the story of Job.  No matter what, thank God.

Its that praise and worship of God that will see you through, but God is not doing bad things to you to teach you a lesson, because if we are not thankful “for” it, but “in”  it, then it can’t be God.  God compared himself to earthly fathers and showed us He is much better.  God would no more do bad things to you or I to teach us a lesson, than I would punch my daughter in the face to get her to obey.

It’s God’s will that we be thankful in the midst of negative circumstances because it lifts us and sets our faith above the problems, and on to the power of God Himself to lift us above or see us through the circumstances.  It also is a great testimoney to others of our trust in God.  So be encouraged, trust God, and be thankful, God is on your side.

what are some ways, you remain thankful?

Throwing bricks…

To start off the morning this morning, we had to move bricks so we could continue building the wall. Me and several of the guys were at the place they make the brick and we were loading the front end loader with bricks to be taking to the building. We had finished one load and we were waiting on the loader to come back, we talked about the fact about how we are literally building the kingdom. We are literally building a structure that will give a great foundation for young men and women to be taught and encouraged to achieve greatness.

We talked about how for year to come, students would go to school in this classroom built by church of the harvest, so the impact we are making and made two years ago, will last not for a year, or two but for a life time. I can not tell you how satisfying it was to see students having class in the room we built two years ago. Wow! Let me say to all those who have contributed in any way to Global reach for justice and all that we do as harvest, you are making a difference around the world.

I so wish that the internet was better so i could put up all the pics I have but its impossible, so as soon as I get to a better internet situation on the way home I will start putting them up.

I love this team, Scotty, Greg, Ashley, Genora, Susie, Sean, Stephanie, Cindy, Heather, Sam, Wylie, Dante’, and Joe, have been incredible. They have such Team Spirit. We have laughed together, cried together, worked together, and ministered together. God has used this team in so many ways, and they are all talking about how God is going to use them at home. We are talking tomorrow about what they think God is going to have them engage in when they Get home. They all have huge potential to make a difference, not only in their immediate circle of influence but they could effect the lives of many people.

I’ve seen them step out of their comfort zone, overcome obstacles, put their own desire down in order to do what was necessary at the time. I have seen them really push themselves to do and be more than they thought they could.

We have had some great devotional times, and have enjoyed the spiritual insight of each of them. I appreciate them so much for their commitment to the cause. What a great job they have done.

We were so fast in building that we completed it early, so tomorrow we will dedicate it, spend some time touring watoto, then we will have some free time, and this group is going to be a blast having free time with. The one thing that i would say more than anything is that this group knows how to have fun.

Tired, and a bit sore, but its all worth it!


Here we are…

Well, I’m setting here at the end of the table looking at our team. We’ve had a great trip a little jet lagged, trying to get everyone to stay awake, so we can get on Africa Time. Everyone is doing well, and have done well the whole trip so far. We are all excited about tomorrow.

We have met up with our team here and all is well. Looks like everything is ready. Still trying to get medicines through customs, be praying for us that we will have favor and they will let it through tomorrow.

More to come a little later with pictures.


Something to Say about INJUSTICE

Its encouraging to see how many people are becoming aware to the injustices and need around us and around the globe. So many great organizations are taking it as their responsibility to do something about injustice. Many are attacking this plight on humanity called “Human Trafficking.” Slavery is as real today as its ever been in the history of the world. We are going to stop it however, by Speaking out, Reaching out, and Helping out.

Many are attacking the injustice of hunger. There are families right here in the US and around the world, who are hungry. My wife being a teacher sees it all the time. Kids who are not being cared for well, either hungry or sick because of the lack of good food. The issue around the world is unbelievable. Just what I have seen in the places I have been will blow your mind to think that people live in these conditions. We are doing our best to do something about it. Yes these situations occur for different reasons, and truthfully those things need to be dealt with, but in the mean time, we will not let the innocent suffer the injustice because of some judgement we are making. How is this injustice being dealt with? People are Speaking out, Reaching out, and Helping out.

We could go on and on, about poverty, about exploitation, about clean water, about orphans, and homelessness, and when we look at all of this, it makes us afraid, overwhelmed, feel hopeless, and an over all resignation that there is nothing we can do. Truth is the way things change in the world, is by the pattern I’m talking about now. What we can do is very simple, and doable if we truly have passion to do it. Speak out, Reach out, and Help out.

Because I spend time developing ministry and projects to address these issues, and raise money to help with this and take trips to do the work, I have learned something very real. We can’t do everything, but we can do something. Truthfully if everyone did something, we could wipe out, some of the injustice in the world.

So join me in the following.

SPEAK OUT! Do some research, become and expert on the issues and talk about the problems, make people aware of what is going on. Share stories and solutions, force people to get their head out of the sand, and realize we are our brothers keeper. Talk it up.

However without action TALK IS CHEAP!

REACH OUT! So now that you’re speaking out, start reaching out. Align yourself with people who are doing something. Reach out to them and partner up. Reach out to those who are on the front lines and support. Things don’t change because we wish they would. They change because we do something about it. Doing something about it costs money. Some go, and Some send, but everyone can do their part. Don’t remain isolated and indifferent, reach out.

Now you’re speaking out, and reaching out, good, one more step though.

HELP OUT! Its not enough to speak or reach, we must cross the barrier, find out what we can actually do, and do it. When we first started thinking we could do something, it was daunting, but we realized, there are people who stand around overwhelmed, there are people who talk forever about grandiose plans for change, and then there are people who actually take steps, however small, and do something. We decided, we would be the latter. Whether locally, or globally, we would do what we could. What we have found is that over the years, the little we can do, turns in to generational blessings and help for people who are suffering injustice. We starting helping out.

So there you have it. The pattern for change, for dealing with injustice. SPEAK OUT, REACH OUT, HELP OUT!

Please share your thoughts, solutions, and concerns about injustice. Lets right the wrongs around the world.