President Barak Obama

This is a great day. A day that we will not soon forget. As President Obama is making his speech, my thoughts go to Martin Luther King Jr. his fight, his dream, his sacrifice, his and many other African American and Caucasian American efforts have come to fruition in the embodiment of our 44th president. Its time now for the country to come behind him, to support, to pray, to honor his role in our nations History. I haven’t and don’t agree with every policy or plan he has laid forth, but He is my president and I honor him. What a remarkable day in our history. Let’s cross lines and find places of agreement, and lets thank God for His grace on us. Grab the hand of the people around and lets partner to help each other, and people around the world



God Connections

God connections are imperative to our spiritual growth and human significance. People are a very important part of our lives. I have so many great relationships. My wife, daughters, friends and leaders are wonderful God connections for me. We all have a great need for these connections. They produce encouragement, love, friendship, fellowship and accountability.
When God created the world, he said all is good, accept for when He created man. He said and I quote, “it is not good for man to be alone.” I realize He is referring to the mate that he would give Adam, but I think there is a larger issue here. He is saying man has a real need for relationship with others like himself. We as humans have a need, not only for a relationship with God, but a relationship with people. This is one of the great reasons that God established the church. It was His idea. Jesus said, “Upon this rock, I’ll build my church.” The writer of Hebrews says that we should not forsake getting together, because its good for our edification. Join us at harvest, and just see what God connections there might be waiting here for you.
Harvest is definitely a God connection.