Circle of security


A strong man is a secure man.

Men, insecurity is by no means a women’s issue. It just looks different on a man it’s still just as real. So many men suffer with insecurity and it is one of the major things holding them back.

>It’s hard to be confident when your bound by fear of failure

>It’s hard to be sure footed when your standing on the slippery slope of peoples approval

>It’s hard to be independent and interdependent when you’re emotional bound by needy, clingy feelings

>It’s hard to be in control of yourself when you are obviously so out of control trying to control others because your threatened by them.

>It’s hard to value yourself as a man when your reactions are that of a boy much of the time

>It’s hard to play on a team or lead a team because your jealousy of others precludes the possibility.

You can try all you want to be strong but until we deal with the monster of insecurity in our lives strength will evade us.

Have you ever felt like you were sabotaging yourself?

Do you want to succeed, but you get in your own way?

Do you often feel intimidated by pressure, certain challenges, or certain people?

Do you have a lot of times where what you are portraying on the outside is different than what you are feeling on the inside?

Insecurity is imbed in us through a cycle. First let’s define what it really is, it’s fear. And second lets admit we are all susceptible to it.

Everything begins with how you think.

***if insecurity is fear that is cyclical in nature and creates major perpetual bondage in our lives how do we break the cycle? We break the cycle by creating a new cycle.

Insecurity controls our lives when we inappropriately relate to four basic spheres in our lives.

1. How we relate to God
2. How we relate to ourselves
3. How we relate to others
4. How we relate to our purpose or destiny.

If we relate to these areas properly in our lives it will create a positive cycle of security, confidence, and self control.

1. Relate to God

***the proper way to relate to God is as your father. And not just any father but the perfect father.

Matthew 7:9 (nkj)

In this manner therefore pray, our father in heaven hallowed be thy name

Roman 8:15. (NKJ)

For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear but you received the spirit of adoption, by whom we cry out abba father

James 1:17

Every good gift and every perfect gifts from above and comes down from the father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.

***God wants us to view him as a father?

How are you viewing God?
>Great Creator
>Cosmic trickster
>Distant higher power
>Mighty judge
>genie in a bottle

When you truly relate to God as your benevolent father what do you have to fear. This is the first building block of security in your life understanding how to relate to God as father.

**he owns everything
** he’s more powerful then everyone
** he created wisdom
**he has no limitations.

+God your father, is the beginning and the end
+God your father is the first and the last
+God your father shall supply all of your need
+God your father is the all in all
+He is the everlasting father there was no beginning to him and there will be no end.

If this is your father, what do you have to fear?

>What failure is too big?
>What problem is too complicated?
>What person is too intimidating?
>What financial or emotional issue are to overwhelming?

Your father is bigger, better, and stronger than anything.

Who’s your daddy…God is that’s who

2. How to relate to yourself.

James 1:23-25 (NKJ).

But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. For if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man observing his natural face in a mirror; for he observes himself, goes away, and immediately forgets what kind of man he was. But he who looks into the perfect law of liberty and continues in it, and is not a forgetful hearer but a doer of the work, this one will be blessed in what he does. (James 1:22-26 NKJV)

***First start with the real you. No facades or faking here. You can’t build on a faulty foundation.

Be real, then be right. Once you reach a place of authenticity then build on that foundation by viewing yourself through the eyes of potential

See yourself for who you are then for who you can be.

>Let the word call you out then keep you in
>Let the word rebuke you and then reflect Christ in you
>Let the word Strip you bare then clothe you in righteousness
>Let the word kill all the pretense in you and fill you with the reality of who God made you to be.

Know who you are and get comfortable in your skin.
>You can’t reflect the opinions others have of you and be secure
>You can’t reflect pressure that life has placed on you and be confident
>You can’t reflect your past and be victorius
>You can’t reflect your friends, family, or environment and be yourself

You must be who you were created to be a reflection of the Son.

So relating properly with God causes you to relate properly with your self. If God is my father than I am his son. And if I’m a son of God I don’t feel the need to constantly prove myself to others, I don’t fear the disapproval of others.

3. How to relate to others.

Every person God brings into my life or puts me in theirs whether positive or negative serves a purpose to push me towards my destiny.

How do you relate to others? (how do you view them?)

>Are they the competition?
>Are they out to get you?
>Are they in your way?
>Are they holding you back?

The proper way to relate to others is to…

>appreciate the role they play
>appreciate the role you play
>appreciate the way God uses others to bring out in you what you were created for.

1 Corinthian 12:12-18 (NKJ)

For just as the body is a unity and yet has many parts, and all the parts, though many, form [only] one body, so it is with Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed One). For by [means of the personal agency of] one [Holy] Spirit
we were all, whether Jews or Greeks, slaves or free, baptized [and by baptism united together] into one body, and all made to drink of one [Holy] Spirit. For the body does not consist of one limb or organ but of many. If the foot should say, Because I am not the hand, I do not belong to the body, would it be therefore not [a part] of the body? If the ear should say, Because I am not the eye, I do not belong to the body, would it be therefore not [a part] of the body? If the whole body were an eye, where [would be the sense of] hearing? If the whole body were an ear, where [would be the sense of] smell? But as it is, God has placed and arranged the limbs and organs in the body, each [particular one] of them, just as He wished and saw fit and with the best adaptation. (1 Corinthians 12:12-18 AMP)

You need others and others need you.
They are not the enemy.

Proverbs 18:1 (nkj). He who isolates himself rages against all wise judgement and seeks his own desire.

Relating to God properly causes you to relate to yourself properly which causes you to relate to others properly. Why be insecure with others when you see their role in your life as a benifit not a battlefield

The cycle of security is at work. Offense is being chased out, confidence is rising and cowardice is leaving.

4. How to relate to your destiny or purpose.

How do you relate to your destiny?

>Afraid of failure?
>Afraid of people?
>Afraid of surrender?
>Afraid of sacrifice

Relating properly to your destiny

>Acknowledge that you have one
>It is highly important no matter what it is
>It is not a mystery, it’s in your personality, your gifts and skill set, your relationship with God
>It is where true fulfillment lies as a human being.
>Your destiny and purpose is what God created you for and fits you best and is what He expects your contribution to be.

Relate to God > to self > to others > to purpose.

When I understand God created me for a purpose it cause me to relate to him more intimately as my father. This cycle creates security and confidence in me and chases insecurity out of my life.

>If I know God as my father whom or what shall I fear.
>If I know myself for who I am and can be then I need not fear inadequacy
>If I know the role of others in my life then I need not be jealous or threatened
>If I know my purpose then I need not compare because nothing is greater than what God has created me to be.

The Secure Leader

I’ve been reflecting on the idea of leaders who are easy to follow and leaders who are hard to follow, and I’ve come upon some interesting thoughts.

The mark of a good leader is loyal followers; leadership is nothing without a following. (Proverbs 14:28 MSG)

To lead, means absolutely nothing if no one is following. As a matter of fact you can call yourself whatever you want but if people are not committed to and moved by your leadership you are not a leader, or at least you are not leading.

I know leaders who are surrounded by built in followers but are merely holding a position to which the followers are bound to follow visa vi a paycheck. What is necessary to really move things forward is true leadership.

We have all had times where we weren’t really leading. We held the position, we did the job, but did we really influence the people with whom we worked? Sadly, a lot of times we would have to answer no. It’s imperative that we are good leaders not just leaders.

Proverbs tells us that the mark, that which identifies a good leader, is loyal followers. Are those following you now loyal followers or obligated followers?

Jesus teaches us that good leadership is reflected in our ability to serve. Serving is not the stepping stone to leadership it is leadership. As a leader we never quit serving those we lead.

I’ve noticed good leaders, serving leaders, are secure leaders. Leaders who tend to be positional and hard to follow are insecure leaders. The next few blogs I write will attempt to identify the characteristics of secure and insecure leaders and how we can overcome insecurity as leaders in order to lead well, and influence followers to accomplish the vision that pushes us forward.

The following are tweets that have come out of this pondering.

>;Secure leaders are not afraid to hear, or implement good ideas from their team. Doesn’t have to come from them to be used by them.

>;The secure Leader is confident, not arogent. Authentic, not pretentious. No need to pretend when you know who you are.

>;A secure leader lifts their followers, they do not leverage their followers. They motivate they do not manipulate.

>;Secure leaders are refreshing to those following, and their confidence makes followers feel secure in submitting to their leadership

>;Secure leaders enjoy affirmation but don’t have to have it. They get their fulfillment in their purpose, not from popular opinion.

>;Secure leaders are not afraid for team members to be better than them. In their mind it equates to overall success not personal competition

For more tweets like this check out @gadberry on twitter

Jesus, the Main Character in Your Life Story

Everyone has a story. Everyone has had a set of experiences that has shaped and effected their life. Our story is what makes us and it is how we relate to people and what allows them a frame of reference for them to relate to us.

What is exciting and powerful is the story of those who have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Because, for everyone who has encountered and received a revelation of Jesus Christ who He is and what He’s done and still doing today, their story changes drastically from that point. No matter the background, ethnicity, culture, socio-economic, or gender, how you were raised, where you were born, it doesn’t matter, when you encounter Jesus your story changes for the better.

Jesus told His story. He explained things you and I can’t relate to by telling stories about things we can relate to.

That’s why I tell stories: to create readiness, to nudge the people toward receptive insight. In their present state they can stare till doomsday and not see it, listen till they’re blue in the face and not get it. (Matthew 13:13 MSG)

Telling our story or a history of encounters with Jesus and His church is what makes the Gospel relevant. When we can say as a result of Knowing Jesus here is what happened to me. Before I was this…after I am this…

The inspiring thing about it is her encounter with Jesus and His Church took her beyond that.

What is your story? More importantly whats the next chapter.

You can’t live out the next chapter of your story, if you don’t quit re-reading the last chapter over and over.

when you get a revelation that Jesus is the main character in your story, it’s all going to turn out ok. You can have a happily ever after.

The Gospel of John says it clearly

John 1-2 the baptist encountered Jesus and his life found meaning and purpose, the main theme of his story was revealed

John 3. Nicodemus encountered Jesus and his story changed from a religious history to a relational account of love

John 4 the woman at the well encounterd Jesus and her story changed from one of sin, shame, and outcast to one of truth meaning and purpose. A relationship nightmare turned into a story of redemption and change.

John 5 a victim minded crippled man’s story changed from one of hopeless superstition became one of victory over life long problems, and wrong mind sets. From hopelessness to hopeful

John 6 5000 spiritually and physically hungry people story changed from one of intrigue to impossabilities becoming possible

John 8 a woman literally caught in the act of adultery’s story took a 180 turn. One of devistating judgement and condemnation became one of compassion, grace and redemption

John 9 a blind man from birth’s story changed from darkness to light physically and spiritually

John 11 Lazarus story of premature death turned out to be one of resserection and life. Mourning turned to dancing

On and on we could go accounting all the stories of people who encountered Jesus and how their lives changed, but the stories don’t stop on the pages of the bible, but men and women through history, men and women all around you right now have stories, each and everyone of us who have encountered Jesus have stories that reflect the grace, compassion, and power of Jesus Christ.

What is your story? What is the next chapter?

Is Kony THE problem or A Problem


Let me say again, I have no problem with “invisible children”. I love what they do and what they are doing. Bringing awareness to real atrocities that people tend to ignore so as not to have to deal with them. Thank God for an organization passionately putting their time, talent, and treasure where their mouth is. I’m all for the campaign to bring Kony to justice, truth is it should have been done long ago.

My question today is a simple one. What happens when He’s brought to justice? It is my understanding that Kony and the LRA, while still posing a threat have little influence or even presence in Uganda and are mostly hiding. He and they should be brought to justice!

I would like to take the opportunity while this buzz and awareness is humming to say we need to deal with the issues, the plight of the Ugandan people, that give way to the Kony’s of the world.

A nation savagely torn by HIV/AIDS. where, as bad as that is, more people will die from Malaria. A nation who as a result of war, and disease, and even poverty has an over 2.5 million orphan population.

Yes let’s flood American streets with the message to bring Kony to justice, but then let’s take those same feet that will “cover the night” with a message and “cover a nation” with the methods of restoration, regeneration, and renewal.

I know a group who is providing plastic surgery for victims of Kony’s tortuous maiming and dehumanizing act of cutting people’s faces to make them ashamed to be seen in public.

It’s one thing to say I care, someone should do something its another to actually raise funds and coordinate efforts to bring hope and dignity back to people who were mutilated by a maniac and his kidnapped, forced army of children.

I know people who have looked the HIV/AIDS issue in the face and
starred it down by providing medicines and solutions to the results of the travesties caused by this horrible pestilence on society.

There are people who have heard the voice of God to do something about the orphan issue and have provided villages built specifically for joining orphans to a home, parents, medical care, education and a message of hope that will change their life forever.

Rescuing babies from trash heaps, toilets and even buried alive. Taking them in and taking responsibility for the rest of their life. Raising them to take responsibility for themselves and their hurting nation.

They are helping marginalized women who will not make it without help.

The organization I speak of is our friends Gary and Marilyn Skinner at

Watoto Documentary from Watoto on Vimeo.

So let’s cry out for justice and for awareness but there is something beyond awareness called action. Let’s take a step of action and help the people of Uganda.

How? Go there with a mission.
How? Partner with someone who is and has been doing something.
How? Give

We will be building again this year in partnership with Watoto if you would like to help please email us at

If you want to help Watoto directly go to

Let your awareness fuel your action. Do something more than talk.

Then maybe we can keep another Joseph Kony or the like, from rising to power. It’s love and compassion that causes us to help.

Let it rise in you!

My Thoughts on Kony 2012.

Many have ask me this morning about my thoughts on the “invisible children’s Kony 2012 campaign.”


I think it’s one of the best video presentations I have ever seen. I think the motivation behind it is clear, concise and needed. In today’s world we have a tool that makes available opportunities for justice not afforded us in times past. Personal media, information age, and social networking and we should bring all of that to bare on the injustices of the world.

It is clear that the viciousness of some world crimes have not be stopped because of the lack of visibility. We can turn our head because we don’t have to look at unless we want to. To bring awareness to this issue is absolutely necessary and Kony should be captured and should be prosecuted for his many atrocious crimes against humanity. This awareness campaign may do just that. It may apply the pressure needed to force the issue and get the job done.

However, to think that the arrest of Joseph Kony somehow fixes all the problems in Uganda or solves or resolves the violence, the aides epidemic, the over 2.5 million orphans is to oversimplify the issue. While it does take a step in the right direction it is only one component.

What is needed in Uganda, which I realize “Invisible Children” are involved in some practical areas, is people who will help care for, teach, train, and develop, a new culture and way of thinking in the nation. People who will fund the care (medical, educational, developmental, and spiritual) of a nation of wonderful people who need help and guidance.

Global reach for justice, the mission arm of Church of the Harvest, which I have the privilege to Lead, works in Uganda yearly. We partner with an originization, a church headed by lead pastors Gary and Marylyn Skinner, called Watoto. This church was established 30 years ago and is literally helping bring positive change to Uganda through ministries aimed at orphans “the Watoto villages,” and their ministries to at risk women in Gulu the part of the nation where Koney has been most prevalent.



Please go to and look at what they do. They are bringing real and lasting change to the people of Uganda which will bring real and lasting change to the nation of Uganda.

We have built several buildings at one of their villages that places orphans in family providing them with parents, food, education, vocational training, and medical care. While developing them as principled and purposeful leaders. Many have been rescued from the most dire of circumstances, and are given hope for their future.

If you would like to help us fund our 2012 building project with Watato the full cost is $17000.00.
Any gift you would want to give would be beneficial no matter how small or large.

If you a interested in helping please email us at

We will be going to Uganda in June. Pray for us as we do what we can to make a difference in this nation.