Global Reach for Justice Banquet huge success!

The Global Reach for Justice Missions Banquet was a tremendous success. Over 400 people gathered for this powerful cause. It was an excellent and fun atmosphere. The food was great, the fellowship even better, but the definite highlight of the night was the 45 minute concert by the Watoto Children’s Choir! I find it hard to describe with words the impact these children had on all of us. As they sang, told their stories, and worshipped God, we all set in amazement by the resilliance of Children who have come through the hardest of circumstances, and the power of God to bring them through. Last night they modeled for us the spirit of Gratitude. I had the privilege of sharing what we’ve done the last four years, and setting the vision for the Future, and Pastor Kirk shared with us the urgency of the matter. Families, children, nations need us to act now.

The night was inspiring, and powerful. I want to say thanks to all those who worked to make the night successful and thanks to all those who bought tickets, and sponsored tables and gave to the vision to make a major difference in Uganda, Cambodia, and Rwanda. If you would like to be a part of funding the Spiritual and Humanitarian efforts in these three countries for 2010 you can do so by going to We can’t do everything, but we can do something. What we refuse to do is Nothing! Help us reach globally for JUSTICE!