Global Reach for Justice Africa 2014

I have the same anticipation that I get every year, when we begin our Journey to the Great Continent. As usual we will make stops in Uganda and Rwanda. Two places that God has truly put in our heart.

Global Reach for Justice is a local church ministry partnering with local churches around the world to effect positive change.

It is our goal on this trip to help the marginalized and to train leaders to continue to do so. To do our part in the over all scheme of Gods will in this nations.

Really I we want is to know that we have made a difference in one way or another.

This year I am doing something I have never done before. A mentoring trip. Two young men who see missions as a part of the dream of their life, a purpose for their life are going with me for the purpose of making a present difference, but more importantly to learn and develop thoughts, strategies and plans for their future in being global leaders. People who see the world as their home and fearlessly pursue the will of God to Go into all the world and carry this message.

My goal on this trip is to train, develop and poor into their lives the minimal knowledge and understanding that someone else gave me, so that together now and in the future, we can continue to help people around the world.

Leaders we can’t fear new leaders growing and developing we must empower them to do so. So we can see everything God wants us to do come to pass. Instead of fearing that they will be different, or that they will do it better we better hope that they do, or the dream will die.

Make sure what you are doing is not just providing for the present but that it is looking into the future and preparing to make a difference in the world has yet to come.

What is your AFRICA? Who are you taking with you?



Sitting in a hotel in Phnom Penh Cambodia, it’s 11 pm and I’m talking to my wife Janae back home in Oklahoma. I had visited the genocide museum that day. I saw poverty like I’d never seen or even knew existed. Overwhelmed I begin to weep. I wept for the children, the hungry, sick, orphaned, and impoverished. I wept for the trafficked, and those walking for miles for clean water. Although I was moved with compassion I felt completely frustrated. I knew God was calling me to this, but had no clue how I could possibly do anything about all this injustice. I remember asking God what do you want me to do? Who am I? How can I help? This is to much.


God begin to reveal to me that, NO, I couldn’t do everything, but I could do something, and just because I couldn’t do everything I shouldn’t avoid doing the something that I could do.

So for the last 8 or 9 years now we’ve been doing what we can. Raising money, leading teams, medical clinics, crusades, Pastors and leaders trainings, feeding the hungry, building classrooms, and homes for orphans, water projects, partnered with local churches in Asia and Africa.


















I list these things and show these pictures not to say look what we’ve done but rather look What God can do over the years if we allow Him to use us. We truly can do something. One of the most rewarding things about living this life trying to fight injustice is to see how many people out there are doing the something they can do and it is truly making a difference.


Once we realized that we didn’t have to do everything, and that we couldn’t anyway we made a decision. We’ve seen the poverty, we’ve seen what HIV/aides is doing in the world. We’ve seen the corruption and the results. We’ve seen the girls and boys who’ve been ravaged by human trafficking. We’ve seen the multiplied millions of orphans around the world, and we refuse to turn our head and act as if it’s not happening. We refuse to wait for someone else to do something. We will do what we can, period. Justice is righting wrongs. We have taken it as our calling to look injustice in the face and bring solutions to right the wrongs that we can.

Most importantly we want to share the love of Jesus with our words and actions and make a difference in our world.

We can always use your help. How? 1. Pray. I mean this sincerely. We need all the prayer we can get for our trips, projects, team members and local churches we work with around the world. 2. Give obviously building classrooms, hope centers, feeding the hungry, housing orphans etc costs money, and a lot of it. God has blessed us to be a blessing. So, if you feel compelled to help us financially, we would truly appreciate your help. 3. Be on Team. you could apply to join one of our short term missions teams.

If you want to help you can go to

I Thank God for the privilege of serving Him in this way, and I would count it an honor to partner with you. #wecandosomething

So good to be with friends


Rindiro is a good friend to me and our global reach team, he has been hard at work preparing for us to arrive and facilitating opportunities. We are all here and believing God to do the great things. We may be getting a late start but God will more than make up for it. All the team is doing well ready for sleep in a bed and to get started in ministry. Its a great day. We have great friends here and are looking forward to seeing them all and helping all we can.

Home Sweet Home


I absolutely love traveling. Especially for mission efforts. Global reach is a real passion for me.

This latest trip was fantastic. Our plans were accomplished, and God showed up in so many ways.

Africa is a beautiful continent and Rwanda and Uganda have a special place in my heart.

As I sit here in the JFK airport I feel like Dorothy, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home. As a matter of fact I could use some red shoes right now if clicking them together would get me home quicker.

Once I get in the states I’m ready to be with my girls so this last few ours are a real bother to me. Patience, I need it bad.

One thought I share with all short term missionaries on our teams is the idea of coming home with a mission. I think it’s worthy to share with you here.

The thing that makes a global reach effort so powerful for those on the team is that every day has a mission. You are not distracted by all the “stuff” of the day and every day has a specific purpose. I always ask the teams, how would this play out in our every day lives if we took that home.

I want to encourage you and myself, let’s begin to live every day like a mission. Living life for a purpose. What if we didn’t let the busyness distract us and decided each morning that we will have a mission for the day.

If we were to really do that, we could reach so many people, and change so many lives, and make the name of Jesus famous. So it’s good to be home but I’m home on a mission.

What will your mission be this week?

Enjoy Life

I think when you’ve worked hard as a team you should play hard as a team. Having fun at the end of a trip like this really finishes things off well.

As Christians it’s important we enjoy life and let others see the joy we have in life. Let’s not be so busy doing that we do that we forget how to enjoy God, His creation, and our families and friends.

The bible says men will know we follow Jesus if we love each other. When you love each other you enjoy each other.

So, work hard and play hard. In the last two days we’ve had a soccer game that drew a crowd and was so much fun. We road four wheelers through the African countryside and we had lunch at a nice resteraunt overlooking the Nile river.

While working hard together builds character and community, playing hard together does so equally.

It’s been a great trip. Good rest tonight, some light shopping in markets in the morning, church tomorrow night then homeward bound.

I’m ready to see my girls as I know the rest of the team is ready to see their families.

My favorite part of every trip is when I come down the escalator in the Okc airport and see my girls standing at the baggage claim. Reunited. 2 more days

The Fountain of Youth

We were wrapping up our project today so it was moving kind of slow. The pace gave us the chance to talk a little more.

I was conversing with the operations manager, my friend Isaac, about our ages. He told me he was 37. He said, “I’m and old man.” I said Isaac your a young man. I’m six years older than you.

He said, “pastor, you must understand the average life expectancy for a Ugandan man is 45 years old.” so in his nation among his people he is old. He is a healthy guy so I’m believing him to live far into his later years.

In talking to another worker he was noticing the grey in my hair. He said it is a blessing to have grey hair, it means God has blessed you with many years. He said some people don’t want to be as old as they are but should instead praise God for their age because some people die early.

After having these two conversations I thought about how much time and money we spend trying to avoid our age, not praising God for the longevity of our lives, and for the Benefit of all the wonderful experiences we’ve had.

We put so much emphasis on making this life a blessing for ourselves we forget this life is a mere dressing room for eternity.

It’s kind of like when I’ve taken my girls to a theme park. When they were little they would keep asking every few minutes, “its not time to leave yet is it?” I would have to tell them. You are worried so much about leaving you can’t enjoy our time here.

Sometimes we fight getting older so hard we can’t enjoy the moment.

Let’s give thanks that we’ve lived this long and that God has given us life, and let’s use it for His great cause!

There is a fountain of youth, it’s called eternity. So let’s live this brief life to the fullest using our vast experience to help those coming after us.