A Day of Honor

Today at Summit Church we had what we call a day of honor. We invited the leaders of our community to join us for our worship experience and honored them.

Most importantly we prayed for them and committed to be there for them as a church. I was so proud of our church this morning.

The thing that stood out to me today was how appreciative the leaders were and it dawned on me that city leaders often hear complaints, frustrations, and fears of people, but how often do they hear, “we appreciate you” “thank you for your sacrifice.” 

I believe our church today did just that as they rose in applause of our leaders.

After service leader after leader said thank you and the look on their face was one of refreshing. That’s what appreciation does, it refreshes you.

Lets work to honor leadership in our lives and continue a culture of honor into the next generation.

Leaders Empower People

Leadership is not easy. There is so much talk about it in our culture, so much teaching on it now that it’s almost assumed it’s nothing more than being inspiring, quoting some good phrases and cheering people on.

While those are definite characteristics of leadership any good leader knows they are a miniscule part.

I recently had a thought, “I have found as a leader, no matter the situation, it’s always better to be empowering than controlling.”

After leading for 25 years and observing some great leaders I believe it’s true.  However it’s harder to do than to say.

There are some prerequisites to empowerment.

To empower you must…

1. Know those you lead.

     To see empowerment as a method flippintly employed by a leader to create momentum or growth would be a mistake. You cant just empower anyone. You have to know your team and if they’re ready to be empowered.
2. Trust has to be developed.

You may release someone to run with something, but if you don’t trust you will ultimately swoop in and take control. No trust, no real empowerment.

3. Good communication

Full empowerment with anything less than great communication will end up in a missed target and wasted energy.

4. Clarity

If what your empowering for is not entirely clear, it’s a set up for failure.

Some people think empowerment equals an atmosphere of no accountability and spastic chaos. Not so. True empowerment is focused and intentional before, so you don’t have to take back control after.

Leaders who can’t or won’t get to know their team, develop trust, communicate well, or be clear will never effectively empower people. They will attempt to control everything, limit their influence, become frustrated and stressed.

Lets do the pre-work and then release our team to fly.


We’ve had a tremendous couple of days. Arrived Saturday night in Uganda. Had the privilege of attending Watoto church Sunday morning, what a blessing that was. They are incredibly excellent, and their worship experiences are like a big celebration. They have 28 services over 10 campuses God is using them to change their nation.

It was great for the team to get some time with Pastor Julius during orientation. He is a great man and the pastor at the central campus.

Sunday afternoon after church we had the opportunity to go to one of the villages and eat. Traditional men with 4 of the families. We ate, then played with them. They love singing, and dancing, and they are passionate about football (soccer).

Monday morning bright and early we went to the job site and learned that we would be laying a foundation for a new building. Hard work but worth every minute. The team is having a great time and they are hard workers everyone.

I love working with watoto because its not just about a project its about the impact on generations for decades to come. They are truly raising the next generation of African leaders. It is amazing to see how innovative, industrious and visionary they are here. The level of leadership is remarkable.

Quite an Honor

Another great day in Africa! After two full days of leadership conferences and worship experiences and outreach to the communities children, we decided to take the morning to do a boat tour of lake Kibuye.

Last year we had the same boatman, and while we were on the tour last year he gave his life to Jesus. 

As we were enjoying the tour today, John Paul told my friend Rindero he made that commitment last year and wanted me to Baptize him.

What an honor he waited for me to return and ask me to baptize him. I said absolutely yes! 

The tour was over and I ran to my room changed clothes and came back. By the time all that happened, his fellow boatman had made a decision as well and wanted to be baptized also. So I of course was very honored and obliged.

We decended into the beautiful lake Kivu and there in a spontaneous act of faith I had the privilege of being a part of their very public profession of faith.

It was like living in the bible. Right there in the lake standing right by their boats they died to themselves to live for God.

They were somber and sincere, and theit fresh start has begun.

Worship is wonderful

I love worship. I was so refreshed yesterday as we worshiped with our Rwandan brothers and sisters. It is always remarkable to me how no matter where I am in the world when I worship with other believers it gives you a true sense of the body of Christ.

I’m so thankful God allows me the opportunity to serve His church around the world.

Great services last night. Will be training pastors and leaders and services for the children.

God is using our teams to truly make a difference

Today take some time to think about how big the body of Christ is, and the role that we each play. Lets do what we can today to make a difference for the kingdom