Thankful for…


The love of God, the love of my wife, the love of my daughters, my family, my friends; LOVE


His omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience. His perfection, and promise. His word, and wisdom. His wonder and willingness. His power and passion. His creation and compassion. His Life and love. His greatness and grace. His immensity and intensity. His purpose and plan; JESUS


Her beauty, inward and out. Her commitment to our God, our marriage, our family, our purpose and Destiny. Her mothering, authentic, loving, compassionate, graceful, wise Role model to our girls on what a real godly woman looks like. Her Friendship to me, walk, talk, live, rise above anything to overcome together. Her everything, there is nothing in her I’m not thankful for; Janae


Their grace, beauty, submissive, willing spirits. Their love for God and life. Their purpose filled hearts and dream filled passions. Their brilliance and brightness. Their caring and compassionate hearts. Their love for me and their mother and their care for others; Taylor/Sydney


Moms, dads, bros, and sisters. Grands, aunts, uncles and cousins, nieces and nephews. We have been blessed with great family in our lives. The things they’ve taught us. The prayers they’ve prayed the support they have given, and the lessons they have taught us. The love shared by us all; FAMILY


There through ups and downs, encouraging, caring and sharing. Life together. Good times and bad. Care for me, my family, and allowing us in their lives. The vulnerability of friendship; FRIENDS


Home Team

Saturday my OU Sooners lost in a surprising defeat to a Texas Tech team who played the best football in their history, they could seemingly do nothing wrong. It was their day no doubt.

Yesterday my Dallas cowboys won in a route over the St louis Rams, playing like I wish they would all the time.

It’s interesting in sport that winning and losing hinges on so many things. Attitude of players. The right coaching, whether the players “came to play” that day. So much goes in to a win, and still on some days you can have it all together and another team is just better.

In life as a Christian winning really requires 1 thing. Submission to the Coach. In this case the coach is also the star player, and He has promised victory.

Like the bible says in Romans 8 “if God is for us, who can be against us?”. The answer is, it doesn’t matter. Because God wins no matter what. No matter the opponents we may face, circumstances, enemies, temptation, fear, or the devil. God is for us so victory is ours. We have the distinct “Home Team” advantage. We win!

So I encourage you, join the team, submit to the coach, and put the check mark in the win column.

Power in Partnership…

Well, we only have two and half days before we head home.  That seems so fast, but I think everyone will be ready by then.  I would say that the key word to this years global reach to Africa is Partnership.  I have had so much fun this year in building some new relationships and partnering together to make a difference around the world.

God has partnered us with some great people who have a heart like we do to reach the world.  God has put a new friend in my life this last year, that I have grown to value a great deal.  A man named John Osborne.  He is the director of ROC (Rwanda Outreach Coalition), and works at OC in their program to help Rwandan Students as well as working with Christ Church Rwanda.  He has connected me with some more new friends.  Brian Hixton a great man, who has a heart like God.  He cares for people, and is an exceptional planner and details man.  Which just means, he cares a lot.  Pastor David The Senior Pastor at Christ Church and His team, Pastor Rusty, Pastor Eddie, and Pastor Moses.  What a great team.  These men and their wives have made commitments to the cause of Jesus that few have, and it is apparent that God is using them in a mighty way.

We partnered with them in Rwanda, partnered with Watoto in Uganda, partnering through the local church is where its at.  The only way to make a long term impact is to partner with long term local church teams.  I urge all short term missions programs out there, to take a hard look at the way you are doing what you do, make sure it is connected an partnered with a long term local church partner.  If you don’t, you may feel like you are making an impact but in the long run, it’s a shot in the dark.  You can know that your efforts are not in vein and have a long term impact through partnership.

I urge you long termers to use the energy, passion, and gifts of short term teams to help train your teams and give you a big momentum bump when you can.  Ive always been a partnership person, and now more than ever.  Church its time we took the limits off, joined hands, and let God do His thing.

I’m inspired and truly appreciate the power in partnership.  Its a divine principle established by God, lets do it, partner.

Count Down to Africa

We are about a week and a half away from leaving for Africa. On this trip we will go to Rwanda and Uganda. Our efforts in Rwanda will include concerts, leadership training, work projects, neighborhood festivals, and kids ministry. We are coming along side a local church and outreach ministry. The name of the church is Christ Church Rwanda, and the Outreach ministry is called Rwanda Outreach. Both of these originate in OKC. They have been there for 4 years and their ministry is truly impacting the nation. They have a school and a church and are reaching out in many ways.

We will then travel to Uganda and work with a great organization called “Watoto” we will be building a classroom in one of their villages. Its a great partnership. They are making a change in their nation that is significant.

Please be praying for all of our efforts to make the most impact they can, and for out team to be strong, and anointed to do What God has called us to do.

Here we go.

Tune In

Proverbs 2:2 (msg) Tune your ears to the world of Wisdom; set your heart on a life of Understanding.

I think the way the message bible translates this is brilliant. Tune your ears, set your heart.

In today’s cultural and moral relativistic society many have decided to create their standards based on what they want. Not believing in any absolutes causes us to rationalize and justify our behavior by making our wants the central figure in life. If we are the center there is nothing greater than us and we can justify ourselves with the thought that the greatest aspiration in life is to please ourselves. What a mess of things we make when we subscribe to such thinking.

This scripture is saying there is a wisdom greater than you, you can not tune it to you, you must tune to it. If we will have fulfilling life we must realize that God and His infinite wisdom are the center not ourselves. We must bend to God and His way of thinking not our own.

We can’t set our radio on any frequency and demand that the radio station come to us, we must tune our radio to the station if we want to hear the music.

We can’t mold God to fit us, we must tune in to His wisdom and let Him shape us.

I encourage you to tune in and listen to the sweet music of fulfilled life.

If You’re Smart You’ll Take it to Heart

Proverbs 2:1 (msg) Good friend, take to heart what I’m telling you; collect my counsels and guard them with your life.

I find it interesting that the writer here starts by calling the listener or reader “good friend.” For, in fact anyone who is giving you good advice, or wisdom is a good friend.

A good friend to you will advise you of truth no matter how hard it may be to hear it or act on it. It’s a good friend indeed who will give you wisdom. We find out later that this good friend is wisdom itself.

Take it to heart he says. As a pastor, a leader, a life coach to many. I completely understand why he would write this. You may think it’s understood but you would be incorrect to think that. It’s amazing to me how many people ask for counsel, and guidance, coaching, or leadership, whatever you want to call it, and listen to you but don’t take you’re wisdom to heart.

They listen, but don’t embrace it. There are many motivations not to. Fear, arrogance, pride, being unteachable, selfish desires, passivity, unwillingness to confront and so much more.

Bottom line however is if you need wisdom and it’s been made available to you, embrace it, change accordingly, move on and make progress.

John Maxwell says “the definition of insanity is to do the same thing and expect different results.”

So my advice to you is listen to the wisdom God has placed around you and let it work in you. Wisdom and the people who dispense it are your friends.

Any Counselors, Pastors, Teachers, and Leaders who can identify say amen!

Bridge Jumping

Proverbs 1:10 (msg) Dear friend, if bad companions tempt you, don’t go along with them.

I love this verse. So simply put and powerful. Problem is, I think we overlook it because of it’s simplicity. As adults I think many of us think peer pressure stops in our teens.

Which is not true. Being an adult is like peer pressure on steroids. I see so many people making bad decisions with their lives because of bad companions and their advice.

Few things to remember. People who would tempt you to do wrong…

1. Always have an ulterior motive.
2. Are always selfish.
3. Always want company so they don’t have to take personal responsibility.
4. Will always blame you, and leave you holding the bag when it comes down to it.
5. Never think long term, or about consequences, or care who they hurt, you included.

That’s why they are called “bad” companions. So I’ll tell you like you’re momma did, “if your friend jumped off a bridge, would you?”. The answer for everyone wanting to have good life is NO.