Monkey See Monkey Do


Where there is no vision [no redemptive revelation of God],
the people perish; but he who keeps the law [of God, which includes that of
man]–blessed (happy, fortunate, and enviable) is he. (Proverbs 29:18 AMP)

If we are to lead people from where they are to where they need to be, or just move your organization to the next level vision is paramount.

When people see it, they can embrace it, and apply it.

When Peter walked on the water vision was a big part of that. As long as his eyes were on Jesus he stood atop of his situation the moment he took his eyes off his answer he sank. The things we focus on with our vision draw us to them.

As leaders it’s imperative if we will have people follow us, we must learn to articulate our goals so those following can see it clearly and grab a hold of it.


1. Make it inspirational.

People are moved by passion. Passion births passion.

2. Make it transformational.

Reveal what it will achieve, what it will change.

3. Make it substantial.

For people to embrace it, it must be significant. Substantive not merely symbolic.

4. Make it informational.

It has to be part general part specific. Begin with big picture and funnel down to small picture from general to detailed.

Vision helps us focus, creates momentum, gets everyone on the same page. Use your creativity, and your passion to lay out your vision. People will do what they see.


Thinking for the Future, living in the Present.

It seems that much of the time there are two different types of leaders.  On the one hand you have a leader who can forecast, they think far into the future, and see what direction the organization needs to go.  They can set goals out in the future and allow them to pull the organization forward.  Or you have the leader who can seize the moment, they can take advantage of the opportunities of the day.  They let tomorrow take care of itself and they work hard for today.

I think a great leader is a person who can do both.  A great leader realizes that in order to reach those goals in the future, we must put them in bite size pieces and work on them each day.

Its unfortunate when leaders spend all there time dreaming about the future and never spend time doing anything today to get there.  On the other hand its sad to see a leader who is very practical and gets the job done, but doesn’t have a meaningful existance and loses sight of where they’re going because they’ve forgotten to consider the future.

My goal as a leader is to think for the future, while living in the present.  Realizing that the decisions I make and the actions I take today have a profound effect on tomorrow. Here are three ways to Think for the future, while living in the present.

1.  Don’t get so caught up with daily busy work and forget to take time to truly meditate on where you are going.

2.  Never underestimate the power of the routine, day to day actions that work together to build the future you are dreaming about.

(don’t resent the normal day to day activity that seems mundane, without it, you can’t realize the dream)

3.  Think and live with a high level of passion.

(be passionate about every day, and its opportunities and be passionate about your future)

So think about the future, but in doing so don’t forget to seize the moments of today, and live in the present, but make sure you are thinking about where you are going.

Remember its all your today’s added up that equal your future.

Book recommendation:  Today matters, by John Maxwell


Today I was reunited with my friend Sochan. He is truly a powerful young man. Since our visit here last year, he has increased incredibly. Last year he had about 5 different area church plants. In one year, he now has 26 church plant locations. He is feeding around 500-600 children a week, he leads many other pastors, and has influence with a lot of pastors in this area. He is a humble leader and he and his wife Esther have two children of their own, and also have 30 orphans that live in the hope center beside their home.

Later i will share with you more of the vision that he has and post pictures for you to see. It is really remarkable. The point of this particular blog is simply this. When you have vision, and act on it, it gives people hope. He has incredible vision, and his vision applies directly to a better life for many. Hope is a rare commodity in the developing world, but when you have people with vision, hope is in abundant supply.

Be watching for more thoughts on Pastor Sochan, and the work here in Kampong Thom. Tomorrow we will be teaching and training about 150 pastors that he has gathered, its my prayer that we are a real help to them. We will give them vision, and we know it will bring them hope.


A while back I was teaching our staff, and I invented a word. “Workisms” I gave our staff several “workisms” that I felt would make us more effective and efficient. Here they are maybe they will help you as well.


1. While at work, work. (come to work ready to earn your pay, and work with purpose)

2. While at work, work on work related to work. (focus on what you are there to do, with today’s distractions we waste a lot of time, which causes stress and pressure in the long run)

3. Leave work at work when you go home from work (in many occupations like mine, its 24/7, but you have to have some time when you let your mind rest, and you definitely don’t have to submerge your family in your work)
Ministry is a bit different because you are not just doing a job but living for a cause.

4. Don’t interrupt another’s work with your work. (Think before you intrude on someone else and change the direction of their day, can you figure it out, have you researched all the options?)

5. Think through your work then work out your thoughts. (Learn be a problem solver and develop the skill of articulating the solution)

6. When you work, consider how your work effects the work of the workers around you. (You’re a team player, act like it).

7. Work in a way that releases those working over you and empower the workers under you and enhances the work of the workers next to you. (Have initiative, and be cooperative. Great team players raise the level of everyone’s game)

8. Work with a workable attitude where all workers can expect you to work with them. (Don’t be antagonistic)

9. Discipline your work, and work your discipline, so the worker over you does not have to work you over. (why make it hard on your boss? Your boss should be able to trust that if your on the project there are no worries).

10. When you work with excellence, excellence will be visable in your work. (You don’t have to be pretentious or try to impress, if you approach your work with excellence it will show up in your work and people will be impressed).

11. Plan your work and work your plan at work. (be prepared)

Don’t know if it helps you but it was fun for us.

So there you have Gadberry’s “workisms”


President Barak Obama

This is a great day. A day that we will not soon forget. As President Obama is making his speech, my thoughts go to Martin Luther King Jr. his fight, his dream, his sacrifice, his and many other African American and Caucasian American efforts have come to fruition in the embodiment of our 44th president. Its time now for the country to come behind him, to support, to pray, to honor his role in our nations History. I haven’t and don’t agree with every policy or plan he has laid forth, but He is my president and I honor him. What a remarkable day in our history. Let’s cross lines and find places of agreement, and lets thank God for His grace on us. Grab the hand of the people around and lets partner to help each other, and people around the world


Relationship is the key

A blog i wrote while in Rwanda april of 2008 and never published….

Relationship is the Key….

We just wrapped up our three days pastors conference, it was phenomenal. Lives were changed. All of our team preached, and taught on many different leadership topics. It was life changing for the pastors and their teams and it was life changing for me and our team. We had right at one hundred pastors representing over 50 churches.

One of the things I taught them is a Jon Maxwell maxim, which is to say, “Leadership is influence, and influence comes through relationship. I have just read Pastor Kirk’s notes for this weekend’s services and that is basically what he is communicating. We can lead, “persuade,” “Influence” others without having relationship.

I love it when we are able to teach something and exhibit it all at that same time; it creates such an authenticity that everyone is impacted by it. I have made some great connections on this trip, and begun some great relationships. I have to say Rwandese people are the most resilient people I have every experienced personally. The team and I were discussing one night about the fact that sometimes we in America have something happen to us in life, and it shuts down our future we cease to be functional people, and here we are standing in front of young men and women, who have suffered the worst of travesty’s and they are praising God, they are testifying of His power. They’re not perfect and they have their issues like everyone else, but they just keep moving. Keep your eyes on Rwanda, God is starting something wonderful. I truly believe what is happening there will impact the world.

Like it does usually when you go to a third world country it brings things into perspective and it makes us realize how good we have it, and reprimands us for whining so much. What I am saying is not to de-legitimize real problems In your life or mine, but it is to say, take a look around, you don’t have to look very far to gain perspective.

I taught on relationship and how important it is, and God set me up with some great new friends. Friends that I will have for the rest of my life, young men and men my age who have a heart to change things. These men don’t think like the average person in Africa, they have a new way of thinking, it’s a new breed. Pastor Jackson, the man who worked as our point person for the Rwanda portion of the trip. He is a go getter by anyone’s standards. I say this without equivocation he would put a lot of pastors I know in the states to shame in vision, passion, faith, tenacity and plain old bull dog persistence.

I won’t try to put all of his stories in this blog, but I will put them in later blogs. They will encourage you and build your faith. I also, met a young man who interpreted for me, he is one of the best interpreters in the nation. He is a brilliant young man named Henry, he has stories as well that will make you want to stand up and shout. I also, began a relationship with a young man of 26 years of age who has a real heart for unity in the church and orphans, he is one. His Dad died in the war in Rwanda in 1990, and his mother died when he was born. He has real compassion on orphans. He has an organization called together as one.

I received the great privilege of speaking a special session just for them. I walked in and wanted them to speak to me. It reminded me of our church. They were all young adults and some teenagers, and they are absolutely passionate about making a change. They are renting an office building themselves and they have three goals. One is to evangelize, use their talents of dance, singing and preaching to impact the globe, many of them are orphans. Second, they are working on getting land and building a children’s home. Third they want to bring Christian Television to Rwanda, and with that host and coordinate big conferences. They have already invited me to bring our worship team and come back and speak in the big stadium which they believe they can fill 20,000 people.

They had such passion, such grace and humility, and they are serious about changing the world. I was so inspired! They are not talking about changing the world, they are changing the world. They aren’t victims they don’t think like that at all, they think it is their responsibility to do something and so they are.

My relationship with them, and theirs with our team and the relationship we built with the rest of the pastors, has given us influence with them, and affected them and us. Relationship is key, and if we are going to reach people, if we are going to lead people in a positive way, we must not be afraid, or threatened, or fear to take a risk to have a relationship.