Coming Soon…blog series on parenting


For the next few days I thought I would blog on parenting. Maybe some things I’ve learned will help you. Here are some topics…

Parenting is a process

Parenting can be problematic

Parenting with purpose

Parenting purposefully is powerful

Parenting requires prayer

Parenting requires promise

Parenting requires the right pace

Parenting requires planning

Parenting requires playing

Parenting requires proficiency

Parenting requires practical communication

Be watching for these hope they help. No expert, just a parent who has great kids. I’m blessed.


Did We Do Enough?


She’s smart, beautiful, mature, socially adept, and purpose driven. I have no doubt in her as a person, no doubt she will move forward with rapid progress and purpose. I couldn’t be more proud of her accomplishments and future potential.

As a parent however, I keep asking myself, “have I done enough?” have my wife and I taught her all the life lessons we could have? Have we given her the full benefit of our experience.

I realize our job is not over but in large part in a way we have crossed a line that none of us will return from. Enter adulthood.

The conclusion I’ve come to is we’ve done the best we could. We haven’t been perfect, we have made mistakes, but we can honestly say we gave her our best effort as parents and as much love as we could muster. We can’t take credit for how well she’s turned out, the glory for that goes to God, but we are so proud of how she has submitted her life to Jesus and His purpose for it.

She is a world changer and although I still wonder if we’ve done enough, I can release her to the next phase of her life without fear or inhibition.

I don’t normally write about family things in this way and not sure if there is much to learn from this blog, but I’m sure there are many parents this time of year who are feeling the same way.

I love Taylor Janae Gadberry and I can’t wait to watch her change her world.

Church of the Harvest Fall Launch…Midwest City Campus….

Join us at Church of the harvest Midwest City Campus this weekend where we begin “Fall Launch.”  There are two services to choose from.  9:30 and 11:30 am. This weekend we are having a catered bbq meal for everyone after each service.  Your kids can play on the big blow up games, while you connect with friends.  We invite you to join us and look forward to seeing you there.

Join Church of the Harvest August 23/24 for the new series INVADING
MYSPACE: Conquering the Complexities of Home Life with a Teenager.

Parents and teens alike are typically shocked at the adjustments, challenges, and even helplessness that seems to grip their home life through this season. Parents of younger kids fear the day it will arrive. Oddly enough for many the teen years seem to extend to 26 years old. What’s up with that? Parents & teens are both advised to attend. With 25 years experience working with teenagers, hosting 70,000+ teenagers at our Youth America camps, and raising 3 teenagers who have consistently loved God, loved people, and loved the Church, Pastor Kirk Pankratz offers proven expertise, mindsets & methods to help regardless of your family dynamic.