I would change things if I could

I think we could all say this. When we hear about orphaned children or starving families or lack of medical care, or even hopelessness. The key is in the second part of the phrase.

You and I can do something. If it’s true that we would change things if we could, then we are without excuse because the truth is we can do something about it.

Annually Global Reach for Justice the missions arm of Church of the Harvest takes trips to Africa and Asia to help with all of these needs. Through our relationships and partnerships in these nations we are able to make a difference.

If you are a person who says I would if I could, you should come to the Global Reach Experience on November 18, 2011, and be the solution to the problem.

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We can!


A hop and we’re there…

We have arrived finally at Tapai Taiwan, everyone slept pretty well on the plane and are in great spirits. We will leave here in about an hour and then a couple more hrs and we will be in Phnom Penh. I am expecting the best year yet. Be watching this blog and my face book page for video updates. we will put something every day that its possible. Let me just say thank you to all the families, and supporters of those who are on this trip. All the prayer, encouragement and money that you have invested is well worth the great things God will use each of them to do. As you will see there will be many helped, and given hope for the future. God bless you all.

We Love You

Help Taylor…

The word proud is incapable of describing the way I feel about my daughter Taylor. Don’t misunderstand, Taylor is a normal 14 year old girl. She is not perfect, but she is remarkable. Her heart for people is unmatched by most adults I know. Her desire to change the world is real, and her passion is palpable.

I and her mother have raised her to believe in, and live for the Cause of Christ. We’ve told her that nothing is more important than the grace of God, and that everyone should know about it. Thank God she has taken this to heart.

Many of our good friends have seen the potential in her and have believed in and supported her in many ways. This has bolstered her confidence and stirred her passion. Her pastors and mine, Kirk and Nancy Pankratz have always been so kind, supportive and encouraging to her.

All of this has culminated in her life, to cause her to want to answer Gods call. 2 or so years ago I went to Cambodia for the first time, in our global reach to bring hope and the Gospel to people who so desperately need it. From the moment she saw the pictures and heard the stories she vowed, “I will go to Cambodia!”

A few years ago when Taylor was younger our friend Chris Cain said to her “Taylor your a world changer” she took that to heart and while on a trip to Florida at eight years old She was nervous on the plane. It was her first time to fly. My wife Janae said, “taylor are you nervous?” I will never forget her response, she said, “yes mom, but if i’m going to be a world changer, than I can’t be afraid to fly.” Yuu know, that my sound silly, and maybe a little over dramatic to say, but the truth is, she has for years seen herself as a person who will change the world. She has dreamed of reaching people all over the globe. I have no doubt that she will. She went to Mexico last year, and had a very successful trip with our youth group, and we have decided that she’s old enough to branch out and go with Dad on this years trip to Cambodia.

Taylor’s trip is going to cost $4200, she has already raised over $600 babysitting, and has a huge garage sale planned, but she will need more help to get it all covered.

If you would like to help support Taylor fulfill her dream, and give her a start, really to the rest of her life, of what I believe will be one world changing adventure after another please email me, david.gadberry@harvestokc.com, or send me a message on my facebook page, from there i can instruct you on the procedure to give to her trip. Which is tax deductable.

Thanks in advance for considering to help propel the dream of a teenage world changer.