A Little Round Ball

Isn’t it amazing what can open the heart of a child.

There is a place that supersedes language barriers, that breaks through cultural boundaries, that unifies people, that brings cooperation.

You might say that place is love. It’s true love can do all those things, but not what I’m talking about.

The place I’m talking about is the field, track, or court of sport. Children and young people and even adults love to play. Some may be good some may not be good but everyone loves to have fun.

When you allow a child to jump and run and compete and use their skill it opens them up to enjoy life.

Some people might say how does sport help on the mission field. We didn’t go jut to play games. Every culture I’ve ever experienced if you take the time to do good things that people love, it draws them out and helps build relationships that open the door to the Gospel. Every culture understands fun, or some kind of sport.

So let’s get off our religious high horse, get out there have some fun, play the games and reach those who need Jesus and the hope he brings.

One thing that is imperative to being on a global reach team is to enjoy life, and in that joy the world can see we have something they need.

Blessed to be a blessing


World Series Wonderment

I have to admit I’ve never been a baseball fan, and I have no skin in the game as far as the series goes. I really don’t care who wins, but have found myself enthralled in this series.

I’m more of a basketball/football enthusiast, but I think from now on I will watch the world series. There is inspiration to be gained from it.

Lesson from last night.

Never give up! If you just keep playing it reaps results. Win? Maybe, maybe not, but if you give up or get down, you absolutely will not win! If you win, great, but if you don’t you can feel great about your effort.

It has me wondering, what am I missing? Maybe I should become a fan.

What do you think?