Here are some highlights of the Rwanda side of our trip.  Night of leadership for next generation leaders (college students), concert outreach to kigali high school, Community festival and concert, and Concert outreach at university.  1200 college students worshipped together and heard the word.  Work projects on a school.

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Youth America Leadership Conference, Session 1

What a great start! Some of the funniest Skits and performances I’ve ever seen, a cover of a journey song that spelled out the “plight”  and crazy thinking of local Youth Pastors, Joe Reed’s “Between the Tree’s” interview was truly something “special.”  On a more serious note the praise and worship lifted us all as we sang and gave praise to God.

Joel Stocksdill in a powerful, unassuming way, spoke a much needed and strong word on the “Matters of the Heart.”  In short we place to much importance and attention on superficial things the the way the “world” views success. Using the story if Ishbosheth in 2 Samuel 3, he challenged us to be strong leaders unencumbered by fear, weakness (unwillingness to fight), and selfish ambition.  All matters of the heart.

Great ministry time at the end, the front filled with youth pastors, breaking out of all kinds of heart issues to grow and develop.  One of the greatest qutoes of the night was during the prayer at the end.  Joel said, “groups are not grown by crowds but by developing sons and daughters who develop sons and daughters.”

Truly a night to remember and lives were no doubt changed.  I encourage you if you are in the area to come out to the night sessions, they are open to the public.  7 pm tonight.

My prayer is that God will daily examine my heart, keep my motives pure, let Galatians 2:20 be the motto of my life.

Thats my take on Session 1.

somebody please remove my designer shoe from my mouth…

If he’s smart that is what Kanye West is saying right now. I fear however that is the farthest thing from his mind. Its unfortunate that his immaturity and lack of contemplation caused him to act in a way that hurt another artist, and himself. If he really felt that way he could have communicated it much differently, in a mature manner, instead of rushing the stage and be so impulsive.

Its a good example of not thinking before you speak. Poor guy, is going to have a hard next few days, hope he learns from it. It really made him look foolish when Beyonce’ won the video of the year. I think The VMA’s did the right thing by canceling his performance. There are consequences to actions, and now he knows.

It should teach all of us really, because I dare to say, that many of us have this same problem its just not displayed on Live TV. The book of James in the bible teaches us to be swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to wrath. We should all practice this, and we could keep our feet out of our mouth.

I thought the way Beyonce’ handled it was terrific. I couldn’t think of a better way. She showed real class, and savvy to turn the situation around. A real veteran performers move.

Interesting night all around, great lesson in humility.


Whatever you may think about Michael Jackson, no one can deny his talent, skill, or creativity. When I think of MJ, I think if innovation in the music world, and the music video world. He started at such a young age, and it didn’t take him long to realize that he had thoughts of his own about music, dance, and entertainment.

So many dance moves can be traced back to him. So much of modern pop style has its roots in his creativity. He was a pioneer in many ways. He tried things that people had never seen or heard before.

He obviously did get way out there, and for whatever people are saying he obviously had some personal issues and problems.

You still have to appreciate his innovation. His obsession with perfection may have caused him lots of personal pain, but it drove him to do some great things in his industry.

So be inspired to step out and do things that no one has. Be creative, try and risk and see if good things happen. While you do it though, remember there is a reason for our skills and talents and abilities. They are given to us by God for God’s purpose.

Line those things up with purpose, then you can have greatness and fulfillment.

I Pray for MJ’s family and hope that he made his peace with God.