Time to Get Out of the Nest (Transition 2)


Transition is an interesting thing, and happens in different ways for people. For those who are content doing what they do, or living in the season of life they are in, it can be hard to get them to realize its time for a change.

I was such a person. I had been in the same church, on the same team for 15 years. About 13 years in I started getting a prompting in my heart when I would pray or talk about the future, that there was a change coming.

I was around 42 when this was happening, so I just ignored it at first. I thought maybe I was just getting restless and having a mid life crisis of sorts. So I tabled it for a while. It just wouldn’t go away.

I had always said, I will not leave unless God tells me its time. I was content in the role I was playing. I was able to do many things God had placed in my heart, there was no natural reason to go. So in my attempts to just ignore it, God had to get my attention by changing my circumstances.

The only way I know how to describe it is how an adult eagle gets a baby eagle to leave the nest. I have read that the adult will start taking the fluff out of the nest so all thats left is the sticks which makes the nest very uncomfortable.

I began to feel completely out of place. There were times I felt like a guest. like I was the odd man out. I was the right hand man to the Leader of our organization yet I felt out of the loop and completely disconnected at times.

I looked around for someone to blame. Was it my leaders fault? Was it my peers, was it those who worked for me? Or, was it my fault? What was going on?

I arrived at the place of total frustration, to the point of tears and hopelessness, thinking something was wrong with me.

The desired effect God wanted was accomplished. It caused me to begin to entertain the idea that there was change coming. When you are a deeply loyal person, heavily committed to your leaders, and to your current situation, something has to be done to get you off high center, and get you moving.

I had strange feelings when I begin to entertain the idea of change. I felt like a was betraying my leader. I felt like I was alone. I began to see things I didn’t like about people I worked with. Things that hadn’t bothered me before, were now unbearable.

The nest was becoming increasingly prickly. Less and less comfortable all the time. Until finally I realized its time. I was unsure of how to get out of the nest. I didn’t know where I would land, or if there was even a place to land. I assumed my leader would handle things well, but you never know how people will respond, (they handled it with the utmost grace and partnership) but I finally understood, its time to fly.

There is so much to talk about in this process of transition, and we will be over the next few blogs, but let me finish this blog by saying most people in todays culture don’t handle transition well.

We don’t know how to handle ourselves when things start changing and we realize that everything you’ve experienced to this point was merely a sub plot in your over all story. The sad part is, many don’t make the transition into the next part of the story well, which negatively effects the rest of their story.

So, if you are person going through transition right now, going through this phase where things are getting uncomfortable? You are not sure how to proceed but you know something’s got to give, here are some things not to do.

1. Don’t let your discomfort in the nest make everyone else uncomfortable.
>they are not leaving the nest if you let your
discomfort effect them it will only cause them
frustration and make their life hard.

2. Don’t let your new change in perspective ruin the perspective you have always had.
>don’t become critical of the nest because you
know you won’t be in it anymore.
>You see things now without the insiders
perspective and the things that used to be
precious to you, are now problematic. Don’t
let that ruin your relationships with the family.
Change is different, but good. Don’t make it
bad, by handling it badly.

3. Don’t let your own feelings of insecurity about the future become the central them of your story.
>Until its time to leave the nest, keep your
focus on your role in the nest.
>Your launch out of the nest will only be as
good as your commitment to the nest.

4. Don’t Jump out of the nest, let your eagle release you.
>Don’t just go, be sent.
>Purpose is found in being launched into the
next season.
>when you jump out prematurely, your weren’t
mature enough to leave yet.

5. When you finally transition from where you were to where you are going, it is something you ultimately have to do alone.
>don’t take people with you for your own
>if you take people with you inappropriately,
you are selfish and insecure. Flying is
something that requires leaving the ground
and getting someone to jump with you loses
the point.
>Look throughout the Bible. When many great
leaders were called by God their first steps
had to be alone.

As we continue these thoughts on transition. I want to encourage you to embrace change as God brings it into your life, but transition is a God thing, so its futile to just do it. Why do you transition from one role to the another, from one season to another, one level to another. Only one reason. Because God said to.