Leadership Lessons Learned training for a marathon 3

15 miles makes 5 miles easy.  Another lesson i’ve learned while training is that enlarging your capacity gives you the ability to do the routine with greater ease.  When I first started running to get in shape to train for a marathon.  I couldn’t finish 3 miles without stopping.  The thought of running five miles regularly without being winded or stopping was beyond my ability.  As we’ve run, and continued to push farther and farther, it’s changed my perspective.  I’ve gone up to 15 miles, now when I go out an run a 5 mile run, it doesn’t even phase me.  Its comfortable, its refreshing, and it is not a strain on me.  Its all about perspective, if I’ve done something bigger and harder then things that use to be difficult i can do with ease.

As a leader we are faced with challenges all the time, and we question ourselves, can we do it? Will we accomplish it?  Its hard, complex, and tiring, but if we work hard and go there, allow ourselves to be enlarged then our capacity to handle things grows and gives us more opportunity, but if we look at the difficult and opt out, then we never get the chance to enlarge our capacity and change our perspective.

15 sure makes 5 a lot easier.  Go for it!