Reality Check

Let’s face it. Most of us, well, all of us are subjective when it comes to evaluating ourselves. We can easily see and criticize the weaknesses in others, but not ourselves. We don’t usually say, “I need to change to make my marriage better.” It’s more like, “if my spouse would change our marriage would be better.” We don’t usually say “If I would manage my money better I wouldn’t have so much financial stress.” It’s more like, “if my boss would pay me more, I wouldn’t have the financial troubles I have.” A reality check is realizing that we need to take personal responsibility for our lives.

I think of King David, after he committed adultery and conspired to commit murder. He seared his conscience by doing what he wanted, not what God expected. He didn’t change until the prophet Nathan looked him in the eye and said, “You’re the man.” That is what you call a “reality check.” A truth that broadsides us back into reality.

A few years ago Pastor Kirk (my friend and mentor) did that for me. I had planted a church, with a group of friends whom I loved and still love very much, each of them are now doing some kind of ministry in church and several of them in full time ministry. No doubt, it was a great experience, but it just wasn’t working. In hind sight I can see I chose to plant a church for convenience, not that there’s anything convenient about it except, it was the only available opportunity that fit with what I thought I should do. Needless to say, and I won’t go into the whole story, we weren’t doing well.

When I was in the middle of this project, my wife, Janae kept saying to me, “you need to call Pastor Kirk.” To be honest the last person I wanted to speak with was Kirk Pankratz. I was embarrassed and felt like a failure. I didn’t want to tell Pastor Kirk, “my church is not growing, I’m depressed, we’re broke, my wife is mad at me. So I just wouldn’t call him.

Out of the blue, Pastor Kirk calls me. He invites us to come up and hang out with his family. Hesitantly, (meaning I couldn’t think of an excuse fast enough) I said yes. Now, the rest of this story is a divine reality check.

Kirk, asked me, “So, how’s it going?” I, the paragon of virtue that I am, begin to spill the truth. “Everything is great!” I said. I don’t even remember what else I said, but it was just more nonsense. Then, Pastor Kirk turned to Janae, as if I hadn’t said a word, he asked Janae, “how’s it really going?” She blurts out with no hesitation at all, “It’s horrible, and he is working himself to death. We are not growing, we are struggling financially, (code for Broke!) and he won’t stop!” all the while I am kicking her under the table.

There I am, in a heap, officially “reality checked.” I knew it was all true, and that my stubborn pride was hurting my destiny, my family, my team, and myself. Kirk and Nancy said something to me that was life changing. “…as long as you don’t give up on Gods plan for your life you’re not a failure.”

So here is a reality check for you. To change is not to admit you’re a failure but it is the true path to success. Don’t let pride and arrogance hold you back from your purpose in God. What ever needs to change, just admit your wrong, and change, and God will move quickly on your behalf. Consider yourself “Reality Checked.”

-David Gadberry


Revolutionizing Man-Kind

I am right now in the middle of a personal development program for men, called the Total Man Retreat. The theme revolution man-kind. Reintroducing men to what kindness is all about and how it is kindness that attracts people and helps us lead. Many men think kindness is weakness, but in reality kindness is strength.

Most men are known as harsh, mad, angry, and aggressive. These are the terms more readily used to describe a man. Its rare to hear someone say, that is a kind man.

We’ve heard from Dale Martin, Church of the Harvest’s Edmond Campus Pastor, about a good man. We need to see ourselves as good men, and we need to behave ourselves as good men. Relying on the direction of God, and not being afraid to be good, realizing that real men are good men.

We’ve Heard From Rev Spike Our OKC Campus Pastor about the revolution Cycle. How God wants us to surrender not just sacrifice. Sacrifice says i’ll do this for this outcome. Surrender says, I’ll do this because ive given my life to it, regardless of the outcome.

We’ve heard from Pastor Kirk Pankratz Church of the Harvest’s Senior Pastor. He spoke on the revolution of Kindness. What Kindness really is, we should overcome being “mad” men, We should learn what kindness is and understand what kindness does, and to please God your kindness can be simple and easy, it doesn’t have to be world impacting but day to day Kindness will impact the world.

Today, I am going to Speak on How to revolt. We must have a personal revolution, before we can lead one publicly. We must have purposed revolution, because revolution without purpose is mere rebellion. We must have the right motives in our revolution. A revolution must be led not said. We must count the cost for the revolution, and we must pay the price for our revolution.

So what are we revolting against? Personal issues of anger and frustration, so we can lead our families into fulfillment and peace. Against hate, bitterness, anger, and malice, so we can change the world. Against, wrong images of men, wrong identities of what it means to be a man. So we can lead in security that Character is prominent, integrity a major tenant, and Love our greatest motivation.

God wants us to be men, and he wants us to love our wives, love our children and attend to them, and quite frankly He wants us to change the world for the positive.

Simply, “Revolutionize Man-Kind”