Make it Count

Today we celebrate 17 years of life for my daughter Taylor. 17 years ago today we were in the hospital holding the baby that we weren’t supposed to be able to have, and who had no life or apgar scores for 15 minutes after she was born. She made it, her life is a great testimony of the power of God. She is an A/B student, always has been, she travels the world with me sharing the Gospel, and helping the poor, she leads in her youth group and leads worship. She’s a musician and a singer, and a good and developing into a great leader.

God has plans for her. She’s only 17 and in many ways she’s already done more than I have.

All I can say parents, is I remember that day 17 years ago like it was yesterday, I have been completely involved in her life, but as I sit here today I feel like I’ve missed something cause it’s happened so fast. We get one chance make it count!

Thank God for his hand on my Taylor, and for letting me and Janae parent her this far. All I can say, is make it count.

YALC Session 2

This morning we started with powerful praise and worship, another great interview with Joe Reed on “between the trees.”  He interviewed Natalie Boyce.  They call her “Hitler”  Really Joe?  Let me just say, as a person who has been interviewed by Joe Reed, I do not recommend it!

Grant Pankratz the Executive Director of Youth America Spoke on “Pioneering Spirit”  He said, “My goal is to make the young people that come to Youth America fall in love with their local church, because Youth America can’t really disciple people, its the local church that disciples people.”

He spoke on the five characteristics of a pioneer.  I encourage you to go to and listen especially if you are in the first phases of staring something.  Pioneers are different and have a different role, so some of the principles they live by are extreme.  It takes an extreme person, with extreme methods to create the inertia to get something off the ground.

What do you think?


Leadership Lessons learned training for a marathon 1

There are many leadership lessons to be learned when your training to run in a marathon.  I will start with this one.  You can always do more than you think you can.  There is no doubt that we all have limitations, the problem is we think our limits are much smaller than they are.  We look at obstacles and make excuses instead of seeing opportunities and finding reasons to stretch.

Doing more than you think you can requires you to think.  Doing more than you think you can requires you to push all the way to the farthest places you’ve gone before and go farther.  When we get to places that are on the verge of beyond where we’ve been before our mind, our will, our emotions rebel against us.  That is precisely when we have to decide to lead, to realize and actualize the fact that we can do more than we thought we could.  Just keep going, stretch beyond, and don’t quit.  The advantage is it sets the bar higher and it makes the normal press seem much easier.

Right now, i am at the 15 mile wall, I have gotten to that point and both times gotten ill and had to stop, I am researching to figure our the problem and will continue to run and build up to i get past it.  I will run the 26.2 and will be able to say, I did more than I thought I could!

Press on!