Sharp as a Tack


You use steel to sharpen steel, and one friend sharpens another. (Proverbs 27:17 MSG)

What are friends for? One of the greatest relational crimes there is, is the misappropriation of friendship. In other words using friendship for something other than its intended use.

The mistake many of us make is thinking that true friends while always being there for us and us for them, should just accept and pacify our behavior regardless, and most of the time be threatened with being defriended or accused of not being a real friend if they speak up.

The truth is the purpose of a friend is to sharpen one another. True friendship while loving no matter what, loves so much that it betters the friends in the friendship. Love accepts
But it also corrects. Love cares but it also challenges.

A person who won’t receive from a friend the things required to sharpen themselves is no friend at all but rather is an emotional leach looking to drain the life out of anyone who would dare be their friend.

How to sharpen and be sharpened.

1. Don’t be afraid to be challenged on your thinking and behavior by a friend who loves you.

2. Don’t be afraid to speak up when your friend is out of bounds and needs help.

3. Realize that true compassion challenges a person to change.

4. Don’t ordain yourself your friends number one critic and coach, attitude is everything.

5. Don’t let insecurity hinder your growth by boxing in your friendships to only include surface emotional appeasement

Get a friend be a friend, and get sharp.

YALC Session 2

This morning we started with powerful praise and worship, another great interview with Joe Reed on “between the trees.”  He interviewed Natalie Boyce.  They call her “Hitler”  Really Joe?  Let me just say, as a person who has been interviewed by Joe Reed, I do not recommend it!

Grant Pankratz the Executive Director of Youth America Spoke on “Pioneering Spirit”  He said, “My goal is to make the young people that come to Youth America fall in love with their local church, because Youth America can’t really disciple people, its the local church that disciples people.”

He spoke on the five characteristics of a pioneer.  I encourage you to go to and listen especially if you are in the first phases of staring something.  Pioneers are different and have a different role, so some of the principles they live by are extreme.  It takes an extreme person, with extreme methods to create the inertia to get something off the ground.

What do you think?


What a Trip!

Wow, we are here and smooth worn out.  That is one long journey, but worth every minute.  Our team is terrific, great people, great attitudes, and great passion to help and change lives. We left OKC Monday afternoon and here it is wednesday evening on July 30th and we just got in a few hours ago, it is a  haul.  We had a great time getting here.  We met with our friends from New life, Pisit and Karen, and we got the schedule lined out and are believing the next few days are going to be high impact, fun and exciting, world changing ministry for the people of Cambodia, and actually for us too.

I’m not going to write long, because to be honest it wouldn’t make any sense, its taking everything I have just write this…Can you Jet lag? We got in, ate together, had a team meeting and Now everyone is off to bed.

Everyone is feeling great, and ready for the challenge.  We love you all and thanks for sending us to help change the world.