Camp Rock 2, the place to talk

Well, that was the cheesiest movie ever, so why did I like it so much?  The same reason I like a lot of those shows, cause my nine year old daughter does. One of the most effective tools as a parent is to do things your kids enjoy. So much of the time we make kids come into our world if they want to interact with us, whether they like it or not, whether its fun for them or not. I know that we can’t always just play around and its good for our kids to see the real side of things at times, but the truth is we should definitely be comfortable doing things they enjoy.

I’ve found that trying to get your kids to talk to you by asking, “so how was your day?”  or “What did you do today?”  You will get answers like, “great,” or “nothing.”  Try this, go hang out with them, doing something they like, and they will start talking and opening up to you like never before, and when they do, be ready for it.  Those are times that can be real valuable to your child, and to you as a parent.  So if I have to sit through movies where they break out into song every few minutes and have the cheesiest themes, I am more than willing to do that to connect withe the coolest kid I know, Sydney Kate Gadberry, and who knows, I may secretly like the Jonas Brothers.