20 years…

As I sit here this morning reflecting on life,  and my  place in the world, (sounds deep right) what else are you gonna due when you wake up this early on Sunday morning.  I think  of last Tuesday August 12.  Last tuesday was a marker in my life.  A twenty year marker.  As of last tuesday, my wonderful wife Janae and I have been married for 20 years.  I know, I know we look way to young for that, at least thats what we tell ourselves.  We got married when we were 19, now i wouldn’t change this, but I don’t necessarily recommend it.

We were talking the other about what this means, all that we’ve gone through, the ups and downs, the extremely good times, and the extremely bad times.  A lot can happen over 20 years.  There have been times we have been so mad at each other we just wanted to give up, and quit on marriage.  There have been times when we had such difficulty that we couldn’t imagine how we would have made it without each other.  There have been such great times we have been elated to be together.

God has truly blessed us, by surrounding us with people who give us great examples of how to last.  He has taught us through his word, about what a great marriage really is, and how it works.

How do you do 20 years?  Love, no not that fuzzy feeling stuff we call love, but true love.  Love that considers the other person more than self, love that wants the success of the other, love the supersedes frustration, anger, or discontentment.

How do you do it?  communicate, talk to each other, my wife, even if she is the one im mad at is the first person I turn to, I am the same for her.  We are partners.  It doesn’t hurt that Janae is the greatest person I know, and has more true love and care and wisdom in her little pinky then the majority of people i’ve met in life.

How do you do it?  Believe in each other.  Realize that God has gifted each of you, that He has a purpose for each of you, and has put you together to realize that purpose, not the least of which is to train your children to become great people.  Support one another.  My greates cheerleader is Janae, and I’m hers.

How do you do it?  don’t let anger rule in your house.  Care more about unity than you do about making your point.  Remember you are parnters not enemy combatents.

How?  Most importantly Keep Jesus at the center of your life.  Not a side note, not thing we do, but truly our relationship with Jesus is what holds us together. Oh, to some 20 years is nothing, they’ve got 40, 50, even 60 years and we are striving for that.  We love each other more now than we ever have, we understand each other now, more than ever, I would never want to llive my life without her, she is my life.  To us 20 years is a great mark, and we’re ready for 100 more.  We are partners, our family is a team, and we are going somehwhere.  We focus on thriving, not surviving, and we realize nothing is so bad, that we can’t overcome it with God’s help.

I love Janae Gadberry, and I truly believe that God gave her to me as a gift, to help my life unfold according to his plan, and I hope that i’ve been that same gift to her.

So there you have it….twenty years…Its been fun, but the best is yet to come!