Practical Ways to Defeat Insecurity

Here are some practical ways to understand and overcome insecurity in your life…

I recently received a comment on a blog about insecurity, it was a question. “How do I overcome insecurity in my life?”.

As I have already established in other blogs insecurity is nothing more or less than fear. Our fears are based on our own perceptions, what we believe about something. I believe there a four major areas in which we can have wrong perceptions that will establish a foundation for a cycle of insecurity in our lives. I think in order to break that cycle we must change what we think about these four areas.

1. How we relate to God
2. How we relate to self
3. How we relate to others
4. How we relate to our purpose/destiny

Our perceptions in these area can create security or insecurity. The key is to have the right perspective and be purposeful in these areas.

1. How to relate…

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