From kidnapper to Christ follower

What a great guy as you can see in this photo. He has a true pastors heart, and is building the church in Cambodia. He Pastors one of the New Life campuses in Kampong Thom Province. His story is amazing.


In 1999 new life started reaching into this area. They sent one of their pastors to the province to connect with people and have a bible study. As the Pastor, Mara Kong would teach and share, it was effecting the community, and there were a contingent of men who decided they would stop it. So they sent a man in to case the movements of Pastor Mara. The objective was to watch him and at the opportune time kidnap him and put a stop to this Jesus business.

So they sent this man to infiltrate the group and seize the opportunity to grab Mara. Week after week he sat in the bible study to pretend he was interested. What happened next proves the power of God. The word began to penetrate the hard heart of this hate filled man and as he sat in the studies instead of kidnapping Mara, God kidnapped his heart. He received the word of God, gave his life to Jesus and Jesus radically regenerated his life.

That, would be kidnapper, is now the Pastor of that church. Doing great things for God and reaching people for the cause of the local church.

When you hear these types of stories it makes it all worth it. You know that the time spent, effort given, money invested is all worth it. Lives are being changed.


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