Lead Them There

Was getting my hair cut today, and as always having a good conversation with the girl who cuts my hair. Really nice lady.

She said, she hates it when people come in wanting their hair styled and say I really dont want to do anything with my hair. She said this happens all the time.

The obvious question is then why are you here? What is really happening is that person is trying to get the stylist to decide for them. She said she’s learned the best way to handle this is not to decide for them because they may not like what you do.

The best thing to do is to talk to them and lead them to a decision by helping them define what they want.

There are huge leadership implications here.  

Our role as leaders many times is not to decide for those who follow us but to lead them to a decision.

This takes communication, patience, and clear vision.

How does this relate to you and your leadership? Talk to me.


2 thoughts on “Lead Them There

  1. One method Jesus, genius that he is, uses is parables, common by Rabbi’s of the second temple period, to teach the truths that are specific for His disciples, while trusting in the Holy Spirit to do the inward enlightening. All he does is lead by giving a scenario or illustration and then ask a question. They (His disciples) fill in the answers based on their understanding. He then uses their answer to determine their motive whether righteous or unrighteoss. This may lead to another question to give the hearer a chance to repond correctly or open them up for a rebuke. Either way He trusts in His Father, trusts in the Spirit and trusts in the outcome. We western thinkers tend to give outlines (three points and no more), speak in logical order, and press for an answer by closing the deal. Jesus rabbinic model seems to be that as long as the hearer asks a question he answers with a question intending to reassure and reaffirm. When the hearer stops asking questions then He assumes they either have their answer or their really not interested and are bent on trapping Him. In short, if the person can find their own answer through His questioning then they will remeber it all their life . So hearing can lead to trust and trust can lead to doing, and that He calls faith.

    • Great observation Dave and well written. It seems everything Jesus did He was attempting to get us from where we are to where we need to be by leading us to discover it. Whether directly or indirectly he’s leading us there.

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