Quite an Honor

Another great day in Africa! After two full days of leadership conferences and worship experiences and outreach to the communities children, we decided to take the morning to do a boat tour of lake Kibuye.

Last year we had the same boatman, and while we were on the tour last year he gave his life to Jesus. 

As we were enjoying the tour today, John Paul told my friend Rindero he made that commitment last year and wanted me to Baptize him.

What an honor he waited for me to return and ask me to baptize him. I said absolutely yes! 

The tour was over and I ran to my room changed clothes and came back. By the time all that happened, his fellow boatman had made a decision as well and wanted to be baptized also. So I of course was very honored and obliged.

We decended into the beautiful lake Kivu and there in a spontaneous act of faith I had the privilege of being a part of their very public profession of faith.

It was like living in the bible. Right there in the lake standing right by their boats they died to themselves to live for God.

They were somber and sincere, and theit fresh start has begun.


One thought on “Quite an Honor

  1. so very proud of you david , and love your emails , helps me so much . bob and i are both on walkers now , he with cancer , and me with arthritis , we keep up with you daily , and so glad you are preaching and have a wonderful church, don’t long for your former place , you have a new one , and work to fulfil, blessings , sally b.

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