Bringing Honor Back

I was recently looking at a social networking site and a person had a picture that truly disturbed me. Many Christians, real believers, great people thought it was hilarious.

It truly caught me off guard. It was a picture of Jesus in a loin cloth break dancing on a marble floor surrounded by several priests with the caption “I came to serve not to be served”. “You got served.”

For those of you who may not be familiar with that phrase it’s a term that just means I just showed you I’m better.

On the outset I could see why people would laugh and think its funny in a contemporary context, but as I looked at the picture I became disappointed, then sad, then angry.

Not at people or anyone individual but at all of us who have allowed our need for relevance and our attempts to escape “religious thinking” or “legalistic Christianity” to make us irreverent and disrespectful to Jesus.

This is my appeal to anyone who will read this to bring honor back. Jesus was stripped of his close in a shameful manner, and hung on a cross and gave his life for our salvation. He is to be honored not used as a marketing ploy or an opportunity for a funny caption.

Lets bring honor back and remember Jesus is not an image, or a caption he is our savior and worthy of the highest honor.


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