The Long Dark Hallway


Sometimes transition feels like a long dark hallway. This picture was taken at Angkor Watt in Cambodia, the year that a major transition in my life began. It reminds me how transition feels sometimes.

Transition is nothing more than a change in position. Moving us from point A to point B without us really knowing what is happening. At times we are fully aware and at others we couldn’t be more in the dark.

I have learned as I have matured that when God begins to make you aware of a change that’s coming, it’s rarely immediate. More than likely you are about to begin a walk down that long hallway.

The next few blogs I am going to write the lessons my family and I have learned through this two year transition. All I can say is walking from one end of that hall to the other was one of the hardest, yet most rewarding things we have ever done. At times it was clear and easy to navigate at others it was dark, difficult and frustrating. But, all things work together for good and we have traveled the length of that hallway with success.

One thing I will mention before ending this blog is that as we always hear, the journey is as important as the destination. Transition is a teacher, and if we avail ourselves of the opportunity to learn we will not only reach our destination but we will reach it, better than we were when we started the journey.

So, if you are in that hallway right now, look around, think about the process, learn, learn, learn. Don’t be discouraged and don’t give up, at some point God will turn the light on for you.


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