How do we keep the first, first?


Principle 1: Plan our priorities not our time.

Everyone has the same amount of time. When you hear someone saying I don’t have time, or I ran out of time, its not because they have less time than others, its because they are not using it as well.

Plan, period, most people fail to even plan, but when you plan, develop your plan on what is important, not based on time availability.

If you don’t have enough time to do it all, then don’t do something that is not a priority.

Principle 2: Do things Gods way

This sounds simple, but if we would do things Gods way, things in our lives work better.
God’s way is the best way
God’s priorities should be our priorities.

Principle 3: People over things always
people are always more important than things.

your relationship with your family and friends are more important than stuff or hobbies.

example: Pray for blessing, God blesses you, you get stuff, then you replace God with the stuff. OR, You get the stuff to “spend time with your family, or use it for your family” but then you have to work all the time to pay for the stuff you got, to spend time with your family.
Nothing wrong with stuff in its proper place and perspective, always, God and people over things.

Principle 4: Take God off of Your Priority List. (by surrendering your time, Talent, and treasure to Him) Jesus at the Center of our lives.

1. Time….Don’t give God a slot of time in your day, give your day to God.

2. Talent….Put Jesus at the center of your gifts and talents and let Him call the shots. He promotes, He enlarges, he gives opportunity. Making your gift about you is an insult to God and will never bare the fruit it could as long as your in control of it.

3. Treasure….Surrendering our treasure to God. Everything that has to do with our finances, place God at the center.

Last thought: God is much too big to be on our menial, earthly, insignificant list of priorities. He is not a priority, He is a person, with whom we have a relationship. He is our God and placing him on some kind of list is an insult to Him. To keep perspective and avoid distraction in our lives we must surrender our whole lives to Him, by placing Him at the center, so He influences, Guides, and directs every intricate part of our lives.


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