47 dollars and Change


Early Sunday morning some of our men who have an early morning prayer meeting walked up to the entrance of the church, and on the steps in front of the door they saw a coffee can. So they picked it up and opened it to see what it was.

Inside the can there was 47 dollars and some change. The total actually ended up being over 80 dollars. The money wasn’t the good part. The amount of money really didn’t matter. What was important was a note that was left in the can with the money.

It said, “This is all I have, please give it to someone in need in the name of Jesus. Pray for me.”

We were all inspired, emotional, and awe struck at the desperation, and faith of this anonymous giver. We don’t know who it was. We don’t know their need, We have no way of finding out. What we do know is that we are praying for them, and that we are going to find a need and meet it in the name of Jesus with that gift.

What we do know is that God is going to take care of this person, this “giver in secret” this faith filled person. We know they have God’s attention. It reminds me of the centurion that Peter was sent to to preach the Gospel. He got Gods attention by his giving to the poor and his continual prayer.

We prayed as a church on Sunday for this person, and we continue to pray and believe for their total blessing. A blessing they can not contain.

An “all I have gift” is a big deal. A game changer. It inspired me. I won’t hold back, I will not be reserved. I won’t ever give up, or stop fighting for those who need love, who need help, who need the Gospel in every strata of life. I’ve taken the plunge, i’m all in.

I hope at the end of my life, people can say I gave all I had to bless others in the name of Jesus.

So when you pray next, remember this silent giver, and be inspired by the power of 47 dollars and change!

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