The Global Reach Experience 2012


Our Global Reach Experience is just days away. The date is November 16, 2012, 7 pm at the OKC campus of Church of the Harvest. You can buy tickets for this event at any of the Harvest Campuses or online, at

If you are unfamiliar with the Global Reach Experience, it is Church of the Harvest’s major Missions Fund Raiser for the Projects they are committing to in 2013. All short term missionaries that go on these trips, raise their own funds to go, all the funds raised at this event go towards the Projects themselves.

Projects we have funded in the past range from food for genocide orphan families to building classrooms for the watoto child care ministries in Uganda. A ministry helping thousands of orphans by literally taking them in, and providing for them 100%.

We have built Hope Centers in Cambodia that serve that same purpose as well as held major Concerts, and conferences to train leaders and reach people with the Gospel of Christ.

We have conducted major pastors and leaders conferences as well as reached out to the lost and impoverished with Soccer day training events.

Our Goal this year is to continue to bring light, and build hope. Having focused on these same nations and areas for seven years, we have found our niche and what we can bring to this area that will truly help them develop as people, as a nation, most importantly as the Kingdom of God.

We are a local church organization working with local churches around the world. We do not work in any area that does not have a local church that we are in relationship with. In our mind this is the ultimate in being accountable and truly building Kingdom purpose around the globe.

This year in Rwanda, first we will be doing two major conferences one in Kigali, one in Kibuye. These conferences on Training pastors and Leaders, in the areas of leadership, worship, Next generation, and outreach.

Secondly, we will be holding a major Soccer camp outreaches in both of these communities. This is a full week of equipping the church to lead, and reach out. For the purpose of helping their communities. I can hear people saying now, what about clean water, food, and work projects. We will be supporting projects like this with our local church partners we will be training. We are working in concert with the attitude and philosophy of the leadership of the nation, that want training, not just westerners coming over to do things for them, but teaching them how to do things that will help in their future. We are working closely with pastor friends to build for the future, discipling, training and leading the next generation to a place of hope.

In Uganda we will work with our friends and local church partners with the Watoto Church and child care ministries. We will build in their villages so they can house, educate, and care for the orphans of their nation.

In Cambodia we will work with the local churches housed in the communities in which we have built hope centers, with New Life Fellowship of Churches, with their english teaching outreaches, slums ministries, and Next generation ministries.

We want to build a new hope center this year and continue to help with feeding programs, and clean water projects.

We can do all of this and more through 2013 with your help. How can you help? 1. Come to this event. We get much of what we do donated, and keep costs down so we can give almost all of the funds that come in directly too these projects. Just by buying a ticket to this event, you are putting clothes on an orphans back and shoes on orphans feet. You are putting food in their belly’s and and a roof over their head. 2. You can gather your friends and help us build hope. How, by committing to raise $20,000 to build a hope center. 3. Go on a trip with Global Reach. Take a short term trip with us, and help us help those who so desperately need it.

We can all do something. I am personally inviting you to take part in a night that is fun, exciting, impacting. The literal sounds, smells, tastes and experiences of Uganda, Rwanda, and Cambodia. join us and lets make a difference. As my friend David Meyer always says, “Together We are Better.”


“We can’t do everything, but we can do something, and we refuse to do nothing.”


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