Parenting Tip


Bring your kids into your world. One of the worse things we can do as a parent is compartmentalize our lives and try to keep all those compartments separate. All it does is set up an internal conflict and competition. The worse part is it separates you from your family. A great way to break down the wall is to bring your kids into your world.

1. I take Syd to school every day. Gives us time together and a chance for us to bond.

2. On the days I pick her up I take her back to my office with me. She does her homework and then gets to hang out in my world. It’s fun and she feels connected to me.

There are many ways to do it, this is just one. The point is bring your family along. Don’t create a scenario where they resent what separates you but feel like the family does life together.

Be together more than apart. It makes a difference. It’s a fact.


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