True Religion

James 1:27

Every year when we drive up to the hope center the kids are in the front porch clapping and cheering smiling and so happy to see us, and we are equally as happy to see them.

This year there was a noticeable difference. Many of the older kids have grown significantly in the last year. They are so beautiful and respectful and treat us like family.

Every year as they greet us and sing songs and introduce themselves, I think to myself where would they be if they didn’t have the hope center. Would some of them be dead. Died of disease or malnutrition, or lack of food? Would some of them be forever stuck in the cycle of poverty, having no education, or decent clothing or medical attention, and never be able to break out. Continuing the cycle into the next generation.

Would some be the victims of a heartless trafficker who thinks children are a commodity to be bought and sold for work or sexual perversion?

The truth is now they are safe, they are covered. They may not have parents who are alive but they have family in this hope center.

Thank God for Pastor Meng Hong and Vat dei for having the courage and strength to do this. It is our pleasure to help support them. It is our honor to come each year and have a party for the kids and distribute 3 new sets of clothes for each of them, to get them all of their school supplies, to bring them new toiletries. To get them bicycles to ride to school, to do upkeep and new projects around the home, and so much more like a washer and dryer, the installation of indoor bathrooms, an overhang so the kids can play in the shade, painting and reprinting the home, landscaping, sewing machine, to make clothes and to teach the kids.

Over these years we have supported them in a significant way by all of this and much more including money to help with ongoing expenses throughout the year.

The most fun thing though is what will happen tonight. Tonight we will throw our annual party for them. Something they don’t normally get. We eat together, we dance, we play games, we give them all their new stuff as presents. It’s truly like Christmas to them, and it’s such a joy to us.

Thank you! From the bottom of my heart Thank You! If you have supported a missionary if you have given towards projects if you have prayed for us. If you have sent a family member to come. Thank you.

We could not do this without you.

This is true religion, this is the heart of God. This is pleasing to the father.

The most important thing is that if these kids were not able to be placed in this home they would probably not know Jesus or have heard of him in any clear way.

This is great if it was just changing the life of one child but the truth is it is changing the life of generations.

This is true religion!

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