Wonderful weekend

Yesterday was phenomenal. I had the privilege of speaking in all the services at the central campus and the team was able to be a part of the opening of a brand new service and campus for new life.

They are reaching so many people. To give some perspective the average Cambodian church that’s 10 yrs old or more averages 20 adults. They started this service with 108 adults. This church is truly going to another level.

The service last night was powerful. A huge praise celebration. I spoke on the power of praise and the place erupted in praise. god really touched lives. The team was praying for people and joining in the celebration. It was remarkable to see.

In the afternoon the team was able go to the dump and minister to some of the most impoverished people in phnom penh. It’s hard for many west enters to fathom the depth of poverty in the developing world but it is good for everyone who can to see it and do something about it. We are doing what we can. Needless to say yesterday was a good day.

We are going out to kampong Cham today to our hope center there to spend 2 and 1/2 days with the orphans there. We will conduct classes, games, party’s, work on the home.

It’s a privilege to work for the kingdom.


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