This is the day


Great day! Last night after 2 full days
of travel the team got on the bus and drive 4 more hours out to the province. Jet lagged and tired they jumped out of the bus, played games with the orphans at the hope center, talked to them and were just absolutely stellar.

If you’ve never done that than you wouldn’t understand how incredibly taxing and challenging that would be, but we all agreed we were not going to let travel problems stop us from connecting with our hope center.

I’m so proud of this team. We were able to bless pastor Sokhan and Esther and their team with resources to help with the amazing job they do with the orphans.

This morning the team went with their feeding program team and went to the village to help with feeding village kids who are in desperate need. While I traveled early this morning to phnom penh to meet with pastor Jesse and their pastoral team. We had a great meeting. The presence of God was present and blessed us all. They have a team of world changers. This church is truly positioned to influence the nation.

Team is on their way back to the city and we will meet up in just a few minutes.

We will connect tonight with university students who have aged out of children’s homes. They are orphans. New life has “next step” homes to provide housing and help while they attend university. Great ministry opportunity.

Thanks for the support. Continue to pray.


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