Is this trip ever going to take off? Gratefully we are secured on a flight, checked in, and through security. Everyone is feeling great just ready to be in cambodia.

It makes me think of how it must have been for missionaries when the mode of travel was boat. Can you imagine a 3 month trip. Someone told me the other day missionaries used to pack their belongings in caskets to take with them because they felt that they would never return and would die in the field.

So we refuse to complain over a delay. We just know that all things work together for good to those who are called according to Gods purpose. Romans 8:28.

The team has been great through this slow start and are truly a fun loving bunch. I can’t wait to get them on the ground in cambodia and see
The great things God will do in their lives.

As we sit and wait for the countdown to complete and boarding time to come and the plane to get in the air. I wonder if there is a countdown of sorts in your life.

Is there something God created you for but it’s been on delay? I’m encouraging you that the best thing in life is the will of God for you. So let the countdown begin. Get on the plane take off, and take your casket with you. Die to yourself with a total surrender and submission to Gods will. Take it
From this team. Serving God is a
Faith adventure!


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