What’s Important?


What are you building with your life? Just thinking this morning that building ministry is so very important.

However in order to build effective ministry to others we must first build health into our own lives.

Health questions:

1. Am I remembering my first ministry is to the ones God gave me to steward. My wife and kids.

How can I effectively minister to others if my first responsibility is not met. Our family must be priority. You don’t get healthy by talking about it, you have to work at it.

2. Am I building health into my spiritual, physical, and financial life?

If I’m to be effective for others I must be a healthy me. Not encumbered by self inflicted spiritual, physical and financial lack.

This may seem like a simplistic thought but I am personally tired of all the casualties of an out of balance unhealthy approach to ministry in the name of reaching others. Reaching others is of major importance but will be illegitimate at the cost of personal health and completely ineffective.

So let’s build health and reach the world.


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