Enjoy Life

I think when you’ve worked hard as a team you should play hard as a team. Having fun at the end of a trip like this really finishes things off well.

As Christians it’s important we enjoy life and let others see the joy we have in life. Let’s not be so busy doing that we do that we forget how to enjoy God, His creation, and our families and friends.

The bible says men will know we follow Jesus if we love each other. When you love each other you enjoy each other.

So, work hard and play hard. In the last two days we’ve had a soccer game that drew a crowd and was so much fun. We road four wheelers through the African countryside and we had lunch at a nice resteraunt overlooking the Nile river.

While working hard together builds character and community, playing hard together does so equally.

It’s been a great trip. Good rest tonight, some light shopping in markets in the morning, church tomorrow night then homeward bound.

I’m ready to see my girls as I know the rest of the team is ready to see their families.

My favorite part of every trip is when I come down the escalator in the Okc airport and see my girls standing at the baggage claim. Reunited. 2 more days


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