The Fountain of Youth

We were wrapping up our project today so it was moving kind of slow. The pace gave us the chance to talk a little more.

I was conversing with the operations manager, my friend Isaac, about our ages. He told me he was 37. He said, “I’m and old man.” I said Isaac your a young man. I’m six years older than you.

He said, “pastor, you must understand the average life expectancy for a Ugandan man is 45 years old.” so in his nation among his people he is old. He is a healthy guy so I’m believing him to live far into his later years.

In talking to another worker he was noticing the grey in my hair. He said it is a blessing to have grey hair, it means God has blessed you with many years. He said some people don’t want to be as old as they are but should instead praise God for their age because some people die early.

After having these two conversations I thought about how much time and money we spend trying to avoid our age, not praising God for the longevity of our lives, and for the Benefit of all the wonderful experiences we’ve had.

We put so much emphasis on making this life a blessing for ourselves we forget this life is a mere dressing room for eternity.

It’s kind of like when I’ve taken my girls to a theme park. When they were little they would keep asking every few minutes, “its not time to leave yet is it?” I would have to tell them. You are worried so much about leaving you can’t enjoy our time here.

Sometimes we fight getting older so hard we can’t enjoy the moment.

Let’s give thanks that we’ve lived this long and that God has given us life, and let’s use it for His great cause!

There is a fountain of youth, it’s called eternity. So let’s live this brief life to the fullest using our vast experience to help those coming after us.


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