A Heart and Mind to work


I’m sore today. We have worked 3 full days building for Watoto and it has been worth every minute.

So we built the wall, and all [of it] was joined together to half its height, for the people had a heart and mind to work. (Nehemiah 4:6 AMP)

When all we do is work it means very little, even if we accomplish a lot. What makes our work mean something and our lives have significance is the greater cause to which we are tied.

The children of Israel weren’t just building some walls, they were rebuilding the fallen city. It was a mandate of God establishing his kingdom here on earth. It had a physical component but a spiritual connection

This team has truly embraced that thinking. Therefore, this build has taken on true significance for all of us. All the soreness and weariness has been worth it knowing we are being used by God to prepare a future for widows and orphans.

I encourage you have a heart and a mind to work. Not for selfish ambition, but for the greater cause of Gods kingdom purpose. Then you will find fulfillment and satisfaction in this life.

Let’s build!


One thought on “A Heart and Mind to work

  1. Way to go! I’m trying to keep up with you 😎
    Praying for you and the group to be used, we (Banner) lifted ya’ll up last night dude!

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