Thunder Up!

So sorry for the loss, and I know statistically what needs to be done has never been done, but I believe the Thunder will do it.

Our whole season people have counted us out, that’s fine. We’ve dug ourself a bit of a whole but now we will climb out of it. Please don’t be stupid and ridicule Westbrook for a mistake made that was easy to make. His game was unbelievable!

Just my thoughts from here in africa.

We are on the bus headed out to the work site, a little tired from getting up so early but worth it to support the team.

Kampala Uganda is like the city that never sleeps, hustle and bustle all Around. We love the people here, and believe that working with Watoto is really making a difference.

Team is doing well. We are in the end, should finish work today. Dedicate the building tomorrow. Will have pics. Then for lots of fun last few days. Looking forward to an ATV safari.

Have missed my girls last few days. Hug em for me if you see them.

Have a great day!


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