Team is One

I love the thunders philosophy “team is one.” it’s a a true statement if we truly understand team.

Unfortunately in our day our thinking could be more aptly described “the one is the team.”

So many people take the approach that “this is my world, you all just get to live in it.” Which is the antithesis to the Gospel message and to the way the body of Christ should work.

I’m truly burdened by the spirit of celebrity in the church today and I really believe we are setting ourselves up for a lose/lose scenario if we continue to give men the glory that belongs to God.

I truly believe in honoring our leaders and know that there is favor when we honor everyone around us but when we move to an unhealthy place of celebrity worship, even in the church we miss the point entirely. Let’s honor, but let’s realize we are all a part of the same team and the team is one.

This trip, each member has played their role without worrying about the roles of others. All pulling together, honoring one another. We’ve earned a lot and God has used us to impact lives. It’s so powerful when you realize in the kingdom the team is one and it is world wide.


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