If I had to describe Watoto in one word it would be transformers.

We went to church at the 8 am service this morning. It was absolutely packed and overflows were filled, and they still had 3 more services to go. The entire church runs 20,000 people strong over 1700 call groups.

They constantly reach out. They live James 1:27 in a real sense.

They have been doing their missions miracle offering. Where they are raising money to support a new plant in southern Sudan and outreaches in Israel. They reached 800,000 us dollars in one weekend. An amazing accomplishment. You could believe how excited they were about it!

We heard the single best message on generosity I’ve ever heard from Pastor Julious.

We ate lunch in the Watoto village and had such a great afternoon. We were able to really connect with some great children and young adults. After hanging out with them and just talking we see that everyone of them have an
Incredible transformation story.

The combination of vision, enthusiasm, and leadership culminate in an unbelievable nation changing church.

The team have done well, and the trip is awesome.


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