There is a saying in Africa. It’s T.I.A. It means this is Africa. It is used in most cases in reference to the lack of timeliness.

Example: where is everyone, isn’t it time to start? TIA

The funniest example of this happened yesterday. We were waiting for our flight to Uganda. We were in the Rwandan airport. The announcer came over the P.A. and said. We are sorry your plane is late, it will be here later.

The whole team cracked up. Not one person was phased. That’s just the way it is. If that had been an American airport, people would have protested, whined, stood in line to gripe and complain.

I say all that to say when traveling in Africa be prepared that you will do a lot of waiting and things run late. But also to say, we as Americans need to chill out. It’s all going to work out.

We all made it safely to Uganda none the worse for wear. Our fast pace, and immediate access to everyone is breeding a contempt in us for patience.

People just can’t wait anymore. There is a spiritual component here as well. A lot of faith has to do with aggressively waiting. Believing that what we can’t see happening is happening no matter how long it takes.

Just a thought


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