Place of the Skull


Today we went to an outreach that was created in order to salvage the young generation of a community that had been abandoned and burdened with the problems of the generation that had gone before it.

My friend found these kids in a poor state. Many of them orphans
or on their own. You see this place gehanga is translated the place of the skull.

This is where the genocide started. So many of these young ones parents are in prison because of there atrocious crimes.

When he found them they were completely messed up. They were
Drunk most of the time, they would fight each other and were full of hate, were eating from dumpsters.

He pulled them together took two soccer balls and started playing soccer. When they started they had twenty five. Now they have 200. He has introduced them to Jesus. They all were receiving no education and now they are all in school. They were receiving no health care now they all have health care. They have created five teams and a choir. They teach them English and they teach them the bible. there is no church within miles. He has turned this into a church

The turn around in these young people is unbelievable. Yesterday we ran a soccer clinic with them, shared Jesus with them.

It was rewarding to me to set back and observe our team leading in ministry. I was so proud of each and every one of them. It was moving how they connected, taught, loved. Many kids were saved yesterday and will be discipled by this program.

We are so blessed, and so glad to be a small part of helping these precious people.


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